The Boyfriend Switch

Acacia and Niall are just a normal high school couple, nothing really exciting. Perrie, Harry's girlfriend, thinks of the most craziest thing and things don't go out the way they seem.


4. She likes me?

Part 4 | Acacia's POV:

*the next day* I just got off my bus and started walking to the school. Perrie stopped me and said, "You like Harry right?" I stuttered, "Wait, who told you?" I asked her. "No one, now come here!" Perrie took my hand and dragged me to the school and into the janitor's closet. "Oh gosh, what is happening?" I asked. "Shh..." Perrie replied. I was so confused. "Ok, I wanted to do a boyfriend switch. You date Harry, and I date Niall. Ok?" Perrie explained. She wanted my Niall? Our two month anniversary is today. "Tomorrow, we will." I said. "Ok, deal." Perrie said and put her hand out for me to shake it, which I did. We left the janitor's closet and I glared at Perrie. I walked to my locker and saw Niall for the last time as my boyfriend. "Hey," Niall said. I tried not to frown but I failed. "What's wrong?" he asked noticing. "Nothing, everything is fine." I mumbled. "Tell me, babe." Niall begged me. The bell rang and he kissed my cheek, "Bye." I whispered in his ear. I went to Ms. Landry's class and sat by my best friend, Danielle Peazer. "Hey boo!" Danielle said. Danielle's accent always makes me smile. "Hey boo," I replied. "Ready for the quiz today?" she asked. I nodded and laughed waiting for Ms. Landry to come. I sat down and forgot that Harry was in my ELA class and he sat behind me. Just great. I knew I liked Harry, Harry likes me, and Perrie like Niall, I wonder if Niall likes Perrie? That question buzzed in my head the whole day. [few hours later] It's free period and Niall and me are at the library. "Now tell me." Niall said, remembering this morning. "Fine. Perrie likes you and Perrie wants us to switch boyfriends." I blurted out. His mouth flew open.   Niall's POV: Perrie likes me? I had a crush on her ever since second grade, but that's when I met Acacia. How is it??          


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