The Boyfriend Switch

Acacia and Niall are just a normal high school couple, nothing really exciting. Perrie, Harry's girlfriend, thinks of the most craziest thing and things don't go out the way they seem.


5. Day One

Part 5 | Perrie's POV:

*next day* I got my special make-up that made me look beautiful for Niall today. I finished and got my backpack and books. I kissed my mom and left for the bus. I got on and sat by my best friend, Eleanor. "Hey! Why are you looking so pretty?" She asked me. I laughed and whispered in her ear, "The Boyfriend Switch." Eleanor started freaking out because she loved the idea. "Anyway, didnt you hear that Justin and Selena went on a date last night!" Eleanor gossiped to me, as usual.    Acacia's POV: I wasn't ready. I didn't want to let go of Niall just because Perrie said so. Perrie isn't my mum, but that's too late to point out, I was going to be dating Harry in a few minutes. I wished I never agreed with her. "Bye," I texted Niall. Harry was standing there on the sidewalk waiting for me. "Hey, boyfriend." I said. His face lit up like the sun. "Don't treat me like your dog." I demanded. He nodded and I hugged him and went to Ariana Grande's locker and said, "Hey girl!" She laughed and played with her red hair. "Oh gosh, Acacia! Hey!" She said. "How are you and Niall?" Ariana asked and my whole expression changed.          


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