The Boyfriend Switch

Acacia and Niall are just a normal high school couple, nothing really exciting. Perrie, Harry's girlfriend, thinks of the most craziest thing and things don't go out the way they seem.


2. Big Jock

Part 2 | Harry's POV:


I told the guys to leave except for Josh. "You can't tell Perrie." I explained to Josh. He nodded and we walked over to Perrie, who was putting her books in her locker. "Hey, beautiful." I said. She smiled and closed her locker. "Hey Harry." Perrie answered. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Guess what, babe?!" Perrie asked me. I shrugged and said, "What?" She pulled out two tickets for Homecoming, which is in two weeks. "You and me are going to the Homecoming dance!" She sounded so happy that I didn't want to cheat on her, but I need to, how am I supposed to show that I'm a bad kid to Louis? Louis is the big jock here. He owns the school. He thinks I'm not bad enough to hang out with him, so he told me I have to cheat on my girlfriend. I came back to the real world and noticed Perrie saying "What's wrong?" "Nothing, just thinking of the math test I took, I think I finally aced it." I said. "Yay!" Perrie laughed.   Acacia's POV: Me and Niall were sitting at the library, since we have  free period at the same time. I kept thinking of Harry, why did he ask me out? He knows he has a girlfriend. So many questions buzzed in my head like I was about to explode. Niall put his hand over mine and rubbed my hand. "Thanks." I said and smiled. "Hey, did you know, your brown in your hair shows a lot now." I noticed. He smiled at the ground. I thought of the hit single, "What Makes You Beautiful" by Another Direction.          


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