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6. Niall imagine

This one is to Andrea_Carrion_1D

Imagine : "Babe, can do me a favor?" he asks as you answer, not giving you time to greet him properly.

"Well, hello to you too Ni." you say.

" Sorry, hey, that favor ? " he interrupts.

" Sure, what do you want babe? " you ask, feeling a bit annoyed.

" What shirt size am I ? " he asks. "I'm at the store and I just can't seem to remember." You laugh as you hear him fumbling with the clothes on the rack, unsure what to get.

" You're a large, unless you're at Ralph's, then you're medium." you answer.

" Thanks babe, there's two shirts, a red one with black letters and a white on with mustaches on it, which one should I get ?"

" The one with the mustaches, I think you'd look hot in that. Mustaches always make you look incredibly sexy.'' you say.

''Although you couldn't see him, you knew he was blushing on the other end of the phone. You heard him chuckle. "I look hot in everything. '' he cockily said, " I don't even have a mustache though ! I can't grow one! '' he laughed , ''but thanks babe, gotta run!'' he said  seconds later before he hung up.

*Days later*

Niall had taken you on a date in the park. He had arranged a picnic with you. You laughed  as you saw that he was wearing the shirt which he'd bought just days before along with some shades.

''i told you'd  look hot.'' you said. He then leaned over and kissed with a passion that you'd never felt before from someone other than Niall.

''I love you.'' he breathily said as he pulled away. 

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