one direction imagines

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14. Liam imagine

This one is to Danielle

You and Liam are dating for two years now and he didn't talk to you that much for the last few days.

You're confused and you comfontrate him with that in front of the boys.

"Liam damn. What the hell is wrong with you?!"

You look at him with a sad and still angry look.

He shakes his head in confusement.

"We're like strangers since 4 days and it's killing me.

Just tell me when you want to break up or - - Liam interrupts you with a kiss and you stop talking after you stopped kissing eachother.

Danielle you never made a mistake and I would never break up with you but I needed the time to prepare our marriage Liam said."

Your eyes almost plop out as he finishes his words."

Will you marry me please? Liam said 

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