Kendra Moore is a 18 year old.Shes nice and she loves Harry Styles.What happens when Cher Lloyd (Her BFF) shows Kendra Harry???


1. Meeting Me!

Kendra's P.O.V.

Hi my name is Kendra,Kendra Moore.I love to hang with friends and party.I am fun and outgoing,I am a nice person.I am very funny and can be sarcastic.I don't like it when people are rude or talk mean to others because then I get ticked out.I have medium brown hair.Its naturally curly (like Danielle Peazers) but I can make it straight and what not.I have brown eyes.I have longish legs.Lolz....I love Harry Styles!!!My height is 5'4 and my weight is 120.I do gymnastics and do cheerleading.I always wanted 2 children,2 girls name Monigue and Isebella.I am 18 and works as photographer.I used to go to collage.I woke up at 11:00 pm afternoon.Today is Saturday so I have Monday,Wensday,and Friday.I went into the bathroom,brushed my hair,brushed my teeth,putted on make-up,appled on lip gloss,putted on black skinny jeans,a crop top,and putted on high heels.I am black.I am very good friends with Cher Lloyd!!I got my iPod and got a test from Cher:

Cher:Hey meet me backstage at my consert!!

Kendra:Ok what time?

Cher:6:00 pm to 8:00 pm!

Kendra:Ok I'll meet you there.

I went downstairs and ate cereal.Went into the living room and watche the news.
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