It's You and Me

I, Alexeas Dun started a new school my cusion Niall Horan also goes there at White Oak Unvirsty. My mum, dad, and brother Drake went to New York.... without me because I needed to go to school. So Niall and his friends stay with me. I wish they didn't.


5. Zayn


        I woke up and made breakfest for me.Lexi came down stairs and i couldnt help but stare I tried to look away but i couldnt, she wasnt looking this way. But SHe Turned I Looked away "Hey" I said putting my bowl in the dishwasher, "Hey" She Respondend. She Came down and made a bowl of ceral she ate it and put it in the dishwasher.She Walked Back upstairs and I heard the shower turn on.She came back down wearing a white dress with a pick ribbion around the waist her hair was braided to the side. She looked amazing. My Thoughts were inturppted by Niall runnng down the stairs He grabbed a sandwich and sat on the coach.All the boys ran down stairs and sat down "TRUTH OR DARE!" Louis yelled so we sat done. And started "Hmm....NIALL! Truth Or Dare?" Louis yelled "Dare.." Niall said in a bit of regret.


    "Hmmm.. Dare dare dare.... I Dare you too... change clothes with Lexi!" I said with laughter, they both stood up and walked up stairs. Lexi came out wearing a blue T-shrit that said: AEROpastel down the side that was to big on her she was wearing black skinny jeans that looked like bagges on her she plopped down next to me. Niall Came Out wearing a white dress with pick ribbion on the waist. "Aww.. Niall You look so cute!!!" I yelled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. they changed and came back down.


     Niall stopped playong truth or dare so we all did. The Bys went to go get something to eat and left Zayn and I alone. I got up to get a water bottle, I got it out and i turned around and Zayn pushed me against the fridge "Zayn, what are you doing?' I asked Looking at him "Lexi, You look amazing and I Love you" Zayn splurted out. "Zayn, Look we are just friends I Love you too but not like that." I Said Straight out. "Lexi, your perfect and I need you" He said pulling his head closer to mine"Zayn Stop"I Said Squrming "Im So So Sorry" He Said letting me go i ran up stairs and sat in my bed and just stared out the window.

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