It's You and Me

I, Alexeas Dun started a new school my cusion Niall Horan also goes there at White Oak Unvirsty. My mum, dad, and brother Drake went to New York.... without me because I needed to go to school. So Niall and his friends stay with me. I wish they didn't.


7. YES!


       They arrived back from their "Date" and Lexi ran Straight up stairs Harry tried to follow but I stopped Him. "Hazza, What did you Hurt Her? If You Hurt Her I will make sure you never lay a finger on her again!" I Yelled at Harry "No I didnt she told me Her dress was stiff, Shes changing" Harry Said in A 'Duh' voice. "Okay, 'Cause if One Of You Hurt My Little Boo" Niall Said Backing Off. Lexi came down wearing black yoga pants with leoperd print base and a white T-shrit that said 'Field Hockey Winners 1st GOLD STALLIONS' (which was her team)."Thats Better!" Lexi yelled jumping down the last two stairs.It was 10:00 and we were all tired so we went to bed. Lexi layed in bed and i cuddled with her she stuffed her head in my chest and fell asleep.


     Darn, Harry! You Won her fore SURE! No I will ask her out tommorrow! Yea I Will!I Feel Asleep I woke up to a scream then laughter. I ran into Lexi's room Lexi was on the floor laughing Niall On The Bed laughing and Harry, Zyan, and Liam In the Door Way laughing "What Happend?" I Asked "Niall Pushed Lexi Off The Bed" Liam explanid "She Kicked Me!" Niall added.Zayn went and helped her up and she whisperd something in Liams ear.Next thang I know Liam Went Over And Picked Up Niall And Threw Him Out The Bedroom door.Lexi Layed in bed and laughed. Niall Came in and wrapped Lexi a huge Blanket and picked her up "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Lexi voice muffled she squrimed. Niall layed her in the shower and turned it on freezing cold Lexi escaped the blanket she Hit The Water. "AHHHHH!!!" Lexi screamed loudly "Meany!" She had a fack pout "Aww Im So Sorry!" Niall Said huging her and kising her four head we all went back to bed.


     Last Night Was So Funny! I cant believe he did that! Family Family!Niall was one lucky man getting to grow up with her! and sleep with her! Lucky Lucky! Eh.. Done is Done! I Dont Like Lexi more than a friend! It was 10:00 i got out of bed and threw on a Orange shirt that said SURF STYLE in gray words and a pair of cackey shorts.


      I woke up Niall was gone someone knocked "Come in!" i shouted It was Harry! "Hey Lexi, I know we only just met but.. ehmm.. Will you Be My Girlfriend?" Harry Said Nervous "Yes!" I Shouted Giving Him a Huge Hug and a Kiss!

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