It's You and Me

I, Alexeas Dun started a new school my cusion Niall Horan also goes there at White Oak Unvirsty. My mum, dad, and brother Drake went to New York.... without me because I needed to go to school. So Niall and his friends stay with me. I wish they didn't.


1. White Oak


I Wake up and stretch my tan body out, I sit up my warm feet hiting the cold floor. I Shiver. I face it and walk to the bathroom closet and snatch a towel strip and turn on the sput. I Jump out and comb my straight blonde hair. I dry my mop (hair) and brush it again and let it flow out and shake my head and put in a pony tail. I walk in my room and take out a gray long sleeved shirt and green skinny jeans and threw it on I added a pair of gray all stars shoes. I walk downstairs "Mouring Lexi!" My mom shouted plopping a plate of two pancakes on the table I sat next to my brother Drake and ate. I finished and kissed My Moms cheeck and my dad kisses me on the four head and Drake Kisses me the same "Bye Love Ya!" I shout running out the door and walk to school it's only Five minutes away. I step in White Oak and a brilliant board with brilliant colors sit in front of me a folder that said 'Alexeas Dun' on it I picked it up. Inside my schudle lie. I read it "Math... great" I mutter. "Hey Math is only hard if you make it!" A attractive sounding voice said. I turn in front of me stood a tall brown haired boy with curly hair actually! "Hi I'm Harry Styles, and you are?" Harry said. "Oh I'm Alexeas Dun, But call me Lexi" I Said quickly.
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