It's You and Me

I, Alexeas Dun started a new school my cusion Niall Horan also goes there at White Oak Unvirsty. My mum, dad, and brother Drake went to New York.... without me because I needed to go to school. So Niall and his friends stay with me. I wish they didn't.


4. Temtations


           We started the show and it was scary. I stuffed my face with popcorn while staring at the telly.I Looked over at Lexi had her face stuffed in Nialls chest.I was sort of jelouaes "Liam hes her cusion, Get over it" I said in my head, I looked back at the telly.We were watching and a demon jumped out of the closet. "AHHHHH!!!!" Lexi screamed. We laughed I laughed the hardest, she threw a pillow at me.We watched it ended Lexi's eyes were HUGE!It was only 5:30 so i got up and got a Coke. Zayn got up and grabbed a beer he tried to sneak a smoke but i told him no.


        I saw that Zayn had a acholaic bevarge and I wantend one SOOOO bad! But i was only 17 i couldnt break the law. I just got up and got a glass of water and walked back in the living room and sat back down."LEXI!!!!!" Niall shouted in my ear. "Yes, Niall?" I asked closing my eyes. "IM STARVING MAKE ME FOOD!!!" Niall shouted. I Got up and grabbed a bag of chips, came back in and threw them at Niall. "Merry Christmas!" I yelled. We watched another show. By now it was 10:50 and We all got tired and walked to our rooms. I Changed into my pajams befor letting Niall in I wore a short sleeved shirt that said 'You Mad Bro?' on the front and withe shorts with black polka dots on them. I washed ny face and let my hair done, then unlocked the door. "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" He yelled with his hands in gun postion. I rolled my eyes and walked out.


       I changend into a white tang top and blue shorts that went done passed my knees. "Niall, I Know your done" Lexi Said through the door. "Yea But Im To Tired" I Said Standing next to the door. "Niall!" She Yelled, I opened the door and Lexi Fell In The Room "ow" she moanend getting to her feet she punched me in the stomach lightly and went to bed.

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