It's You and Me

I, Alexeas Dun started a new school my cusion Niall Horan also goes there at White Oak Unvirsty. My mum, dad, and brother Drake went to New York.... without me because I needed to go to school. So Niall and his friends stay with me. I wish they didn't.


6. Just Harry


      "What did I just do?" i asked myself I slamned my fist against the frige."DANGENT ZAYN!" I yelled quitly.The Boys walked in with McDonalds and sat it on the table."LEXI FOOD!!" Niall yelled.I knew she was problay in her room balling her eyes out and she probley didnt want to see my face ever again! To my surprise she skipped down the stairs like nothing happend her eyes werent puffy she hadnt been crying. maybe she just on that cryed when something like that happend I dont know! But I mouthed the words "Sorry" to her she nodded saying "Its Okay" WHAT? I just rubbed my face and grabbed a Burger and sat down and ate.


    I just got over it. I grabbed chicken a sat down next to Zayn, Niall next to me, Louis next to him, then Liam, the Harry across from me.I finished eating and threw away my trash and said "Im ging to take a shower" and Skipped upstairs i took a shower and put on blue jean shorts and a plaid shirt and braided my hair to the side.*KNOCK KNCOK* I heard and opened the door "Hi Harry!" I said guestering him to comeing in he rubbed his jeans like he was nervous."Hey Umm... I was woundering if You want to maybe....go to the Movies tonight?" Harry asked "Umm... Yea Ok!" I said hugging him "Ok, 7:00?" He asked "Yea!" I said, he walked out of the room. I Was Not going looking like a country girl, thats for sure it was 12:30 i took a little nap and woke back up at 5:30 and i jumpend in the shower and jumped out and brushed my hair I bradied two strands and it looked like I was wearinh a Viser with out the Viser part. I threw on a short blue sparkling dress with white wedges. By Now it was 6:50 so I rushed and put some make up on I wore blue eye shadow and red lipstick and a little blush.


      I was wearing a white dress shirt with a black ties and i put on a black jacket and black dress pants and shoes. I combed my hair to the front. I waited in front of her door intill 7:00 and Knocked she answerd right away WOW! SHE LOOKED AMAZING.. NO... HOT! Her Drees her Hair Her face... OMG! "You Look Good" She Said trying to get a word out of me. "Hmm?? Oh Thanks! You Look Amazing!" I said taking her hand we walked down the stairs. Niall did the one whistle that boys do.She rolled her eyes.We arrived at a Huge resturant called 'Waters Spricks' I took her hand and we walked in and a waiter lead us to a booth.


   Such a gentlemen I thought I remeber DARN NO MONEY! "Oh Harry im so sorry I forgot my purse" I said frowning "Hey turn that frown upside down!" Harry Said "The ladies never pay!" Harry said "I got this!" "Oh, Thanks!" I said we talked the waiter took our orders. Harry knew more about me than I did now! We had a lot in commen we finished and Harry paid i kissed Harry on the cheek for that. We Left

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