A group of 5 boys that thought it was funny to go to the forest at midnight that's apparently haunted with vampires and werewolves . Was that the right move? where would it lead them from this point on.....................................



Harry didn't go home yet,his parents are so worried about him. After Julia's betrayal, Harry broke down and was walking through the forest where it all began. He is wondering "Is this how love really is like"

Now harry is out in the forest haunting for Ben to win back Julia's heart. Ben was looking for harry as well, they find each other with an angry face.

BEN: I just want to say............STAY AWAY FROM JULIA!!!

HARRY: Is that what you want, okay you have her is not like she loves me.

BEN: Well that's not my fault if she doesn't love you.Tell her that you don't love her okay ,she's coming.

(Julia enters)

JULIA: Are you two still fighting! Ben I love you but I love harry at the bottom of my heart, I didn't want him to get hurt by Ben that's why I denied my love to you. Don't feel heart broken because am now here to put back the pieces.

HARRY: Well my hearts shattered on the floor in to tiny pieces . broken glasses can be heard and seen but not broken hearts,once you break it there's no going back. Julia I loved you so much but now I feel so ashamed to almost think that you was the love of my life.

( Julia leans on her knee crying)

JULIA: Please harry don't do this to me please

HARRY: I didn't start this game first you did remember that Julia you did .while I was holding on all you did was let go.

Ben gets really angry and attacks Harry, pushes him against the tree holding him high and whispers " your job here is done bye". Now Ben wants to win Julia's heart back again .

Harry's friends comes by to see what happened to harry since harry ditched school, they knew where to find him because they know that harry is a vampire now.

ZAYN: Dude, where were you

LIAM:  Init , your parents were looking for you and they even came to my house at 2am asking for you.

LOUIS: Same here , I think you better go home seriously

HARRY: I was about to until I was disturbed by a hairy werewolf.

NIALL: GO! run home, before everyone starts looking for you

HARRY: Okay wait a sec, I need to drink blood to keep me looking like a human

NIALL: Eww , I don't want to know about that!

The boys all walks home together and harry is finally home, what is his excuse going be?


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