A group of 5 boys that thought it was funny to go to the forest at midnight that's apparently haunted with vampires and werewolves . Was that the right move? where would it lead them from this point on.....................................



Is a school day today, the boys are still hiding behind their blankets shaking after what happened last night.Harry got up and thought it was all a dream.He went to the bathroom and was having a shower when he saw the bite from last night."I probably fell down yesterday at football and just saw it now" harry thought to himself.

The vampires are still haunting for the boys and are close to finding harry since they have his blood.

On their way to school , harry's eyes changed colours ,his skin went as pale as snow and his fangs appeared.His friends were catching up and have noticed his change of appearance." hey , man ARE YOU A VAMPIRE!!! just asking you know"Niall laughed and continued; it's not Halloween yet harry".

"Guys I cant go in to school today looking like this!" Harry freaked out."

"how about we all bunk school today"Zayn added.

The boys were on their way to McDonalds and right

behind them the vampires jumps in front of them shouting out" peek a boo.... I found you he he he he ". one vampire gasped and said " your a vampire!!".Harry doesn't want to be a vampire, is this going to turn around his life.

The vampires welcome harry and his friends to the world of vampires and werewolves and gives him a book to guide him. Is this a new chapter of a new life.................

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