A group of 5 boys that thought it was funny to go to the forest at midnight that's apparently haunted with vampires and werewolves . Was that the right move? where would it lead them from this point on.....................................



It was midnight, the time when werewolves and vampires appear. These five boys thought it was funny to mess around the forest and destroy everything.What they don't know is their destroying a home of vampires and werewolves.The owners hides behind each tree whilst watching the boys every move.Their veins were popping out and as the vampires glared evilly with those Hungary eyes.The werewolves hair's spiked up with anger, are the boys in danger?

Suddenly,the immortals jumps the boys breaking the silence in the forest. The boys escaped only one had been left behind.As a vampire bite in to Harry's neck, Zayn comes back and pushes the vampire on the floor. Both Harry and Zayn escape and gets back home safely. Now the vampire that zayn had pushed is angry more then ever.The vampire gets his gang and haunts for the boys all night.

Are the boys still safe?


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