A group of 5 boys that thought it was funny to go to the forest at midnight that's apparently haunted with vampires and werewolves . Was that the right move? where would it lead them from this point on.....................................



Harry woke up and saw Julia right beside him , he smiles and kisses her on the cheek. He almost had a heart attack when he remembers that he was meant to be at home.Now harry quickly gets ready whilst thinking of an excuse to his parents.As he rushes out of the door ,a man stops Harry by standing in front of him. 

HARRY: What do you want?

MAN: I want my Julia

HARRY: What! Are you her............ Boyfriend. (harry starts laughing)

MAN: Yes am her boyfriend and leave her alone......Do what I say or else 

Julia wakes up and opens the door seeing her man and harry face to face.

MAN: Julia, who are you going to chose me or this CHILD!!

JULIA: my boyfriend Ben sorry harry x

MAN: Yeah harry off you go. Your not wanted here as you can see

HARRY: Julia, I loved you, you hurt me. when I trusted you , you disappointed me.when I look in to your eyes I cry . And see how blind I was to fall in love with you .My love for you was a bulletproof but your the one who shot me.

Julia starts crying as Ben cuddles her and drags her away from harry. At the bottom of her heart she's still in love with Harry but why did she turned him down?

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