Loving you again.

When Emma goes to London to surprise her cousin,Liam, she bumps into a boy named Harry Styles along the way. Will he change her life again?


3. The Truth

The voice of the pilot went trough the airplane.

"We've landed in London. 3:37 AM. "

The plane landed and I couldn't wait to get out of it. The thought of being away from that jerk made me happy but yet sad. I've always loved Harry. Actually I never stopped loving Harry. It's just the way he broke my heart that was unbearable.


Harry's P.O.V.


I needed to tell her the truth behind that kiss.I heard the the pilot say" We have a little problem here. We do not have a parking for now but they will find one as soon as possible. It might take a few and thank you for your comprehension."This was the time or never.

I got her hand and faced her.

"Please listen!" I begged.

"I don't have time for stories."

"We're stuck here for a few minutes and I know you wanna hear it."


"You know how Brianna was so mean to you? Well it's because she liked me but I didn't like her back. I loved YOU. Then one day she sent me a text message saying that if I don't give her one small kiss she will bully you and give death threats. I didn't want that to happen one more time so I decided I shall give her one small tiny kiss. After school she dragged me behind a tree and kissed me. I sincerely think that that was the worst moment in my life. I tried to let go, but she pulled me closer and I tried to escape but her grip was tight.When I saw you ran off in tear it broke my heart too Emma. I didn't kiss her because I liked her, it was for you I did it!

Some tears were about to escape but I managed to keep them inside.


Emma's P.O.V.


I knew Harry wasn't lying. Harry would never lie to anyone. He would feel so guilty. I saw some tears in his eyes, it made me wanna cry too. I feel so guilty for not even letting him talk to me earlier, like two years ago. But no, because miss Emma is always too stubborn. I let go a tear and I can feel it roll down my cheek.

"I'm so sorry Harry. I feel so bad for not letting you talk, for not being there to support you on th-"

Harry cuts me off saying" I forgive you."

"I missed you Harry."

"I missed you too Em."



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