Loving you again.

When Emma goes to London to surprise her cousin,Liam, she bumps into a boy named Harry Styles along the way. Will he change her life again?


6. Our park


The text read:   'Hey Em! Just wondering if you wanna do something today before I go to my buddy's party? Remember we have some catching up to do! -Harry xx' I replied with joy:   'I would love to! Actually I also  have a birthday party to assist. Do you mind if I bring Aria with me? What time?-Em (:xx'   After a few seconds...   'Yeah sure! Around 12? Where shall I pick you girls up?:) '   'Great. 3210 Brook street.:) see you then!'   "Aria! Get dressed, Harry is gonna take us around London!"  

"Umh, okay that sounds cool! ''

  I got dressed and decided to wear black leggings with my cream colored crochet jumper that  I  got at Primark. I only putted eyeliner and mascara and finished it off with a subtle pink lipstick. I left my hair wavy which looked quite nice. For my shoes I wore my brown combat boots. I could say that I looked quite nice.   I heard the doorbell ring.Oh my gosh he's here.   

"Aria! Do I look fine?"

 "Of course you do!"  

I hurried downstairs and opened the door.  


  "Hi Emma!So are you girls ready to go?"

  "Erm.. ya let me just say goodbye to my aunt."

  I ran to go to see where she was. She was in the garden.   "Aunt Rose! I'm going out with one of my old friend and Aria.Is that okay?"  

"Sure just come before 5!"  

"Thanks!Bye!"   I left the house and saw a Range Rover with Harry and Aria in it. 

"So where are we going?"

"Remember the park we used to go when we were small? Well we're going there."

I remembered that park.It was a little gorgeous park where me and Harry use to hang out on the weekend doing whatever. It was usually deserted so we called it our park. It use to be my escape whenever my parents would fight, I usually just hang out there until I decided I could go face my parents again.

When we arrived at the place, Aria left us because she was attracted to one hot lad and said she would text me when she will be done, which left me and Harry alone. It was a bit awkward at first but then Harry decided to break the ice.

"So... How's life now?"

"Well basically the same, my parents still fighting, my brother still lives Holmes Chapel..You?"

"A bit tiring sometimes but I do what I love for living which is quite great. I get to discover amazing new places where I've never been before."

"That sounds fun!"

We decided to sit down on a bench and talk about whatever to catch up in both of our lives until it was 4:37.

"Hey, I'm sorry but I got to go, maybe another day we could catch up again?"I said.

"Sure, I would love too. I actually also need to go somewhere at 5. I'll drop you home."

My phone suddenly vibrated indicating I got a text.It was written 'Aria'.I opened my phone and checked the message.

'Hey doodle headdddd!Don't you guys bother waiting for me, my soon-to-be-boyfriend Caspar is going to drop me so you guys  better go without mee! -Aria xx'

 "Who was that?" said the curly boy.

"It was Aria. She said to leave without her because her soon-to-be-boyfriend is going to drop her home."

"Oh okay."

The drive to my aunt's house was short.

"So who's party are you going to? I asked curiously.

"My band mate Liam's.....Oh I totally forgot he was your cousin! I guess I'll see you there then!"

"I also forgot you were in the band of Liam!Well I guess we'll see each other later on."

As we arrived at my aunt Rose house, I said my goodbye to Harry and that I'll see him later  and he gave me kiss on the cheek which made me blush quite a lot.






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