Loving you again.

When Emma goes to London to surprise her cousin,Liam, she bumps into a boy named Harry Styles along the way. Will he change her life again?


4. London

The plane finally parked and we could finally get out of the plane. This was one heck of an interesting flight.

As we got off the plane, I was exhausted. It was now 4:25 am.I was walking with Harry and Aria to the gate where our luggage were.

"Would you mind if I asked for your number? We have a lot of catching up to do!"said Harry.

"Yeah sure!"

I handed him my phone and he gave me his.

We went our separate ways after.

"Hey what happened in that plane miss? What happened to rude and mean Emma who hated him with all her heart?"

"Long story short, we're friends now."

"But I thought we were alrea-"

I cut her off by saying "Never mind.."

When we got all our luggage, we took a taxi to go to my aunts house. As we arrived shortly, I paid the taxi driver and too our suitcases.

I saw that the lights were still on. She must have been waiting for a long time.

As I rang the doorbell, the door drifted opened and I saw my aunt. I hugged her as I saw her and then she hugged Aria.

"I miss you so much auntie!"

"Missed you too Emma!"

As me and Aria went inside the small white house, it reminded me of all the memories I had.Those days when we were young and innocent playing in the garden playing with whatever we found.

"Your room is upstairs which you will share with Aria. I bet you are tired as I am so I will let you girls sleep.Goodnight!"

"Goodnight!"we both said in unison.

When we reached our room, I brushed my teeth and put my pajamas on and Aria did the same.I lay down the bed thinking about what happened on the plane. I finally saw Harry after two years. I soon felt my eyes   being heavier and heavier.


I woke up by the smell of a delicious breakfast. I opened the door leaving Aria sleeping.As I went downstairs, I saw that my aunt already decorated the house for Liam's surprise birthday party. 

"Wow, you have decorating skills!"

"Oh good morning Em! And why thank you! If you're hungry I cooked eggs and pancakes."

"Thanks auntie."

I went to the kitchen to go eat. These pancakes were delicious. I heard Aria coming towards the kitchen.

"Morning sleepy head!"

"Morning!What time is Liam's birthday?"said Aria.

"I think it's at 6 in the afternoon. We have 8 hours to loose. What do you want to do?"

"Oh whatever.." 

My phone was beeping and I saw I had a text from Harry. I got so excited. Did I still love him?








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