Loving you again.

When Emma goes to London to surprise her cousin,Liam, she bumps into a boy named Harry Styles along the way. Will he change her life again?


2. Hint

30 minutes after all my anger went away, our plane started to board first class which was us. I gave my ticket to the man and he scanned it. I went trough the little hallway heading to the door that lead into the plane. Then  I searched for my seat, B2. Eventually someone was gonna sit besides me but it wasn't Aria. Aria was at A1 next to a lady. I suddenly see someone that I wasn't too happy about. Harry. I was praying not to be next to Harry for the next 13 hours. Then I felt a body sit next to me. I knew it was a guy. Oh gosh. I opened my eyes to see Harry Styles sitting next to me. 

"Erm, hi again.." he said softly.


This is gonna be really unpleasant and certainly really long.

I was drifted away by the memories I had with him.When he first told me he loved me. When we first kissed. When he gave me a necklace with and 'H' engraved on it.Then all those though went away.

"What would you guys want to drink?" said the stewardess.

"I'll have apple juice and she will have lemonade." Harry said.

He didn't even let me say what I wanted even though I was gonna ask for lemonade because that was one of my favorite drinks.How did he even remember that?

She placed our drinks on the little table in front of our seats.She also gave us pretzels for snacks.I was really envying to ask Harry why did he ordered my drink. 

"Umh.. How did you know that I wanted lemonade?"

"Well because I know it's one of your favorite drinks." He said with pride.

"You still remember?"

"Well of course I do! After 9 months being together, I think I would remember. But I do not remember how we broke up."

What?!He forgot how he broke my heart into pieces without even saying a little 'Sorry'?! I was getting really mad by now.

"Excuse me?! You forgot how you broke my heart into a million pieces?! Wow, I can't believe this."I said.

"I'm sorry it's been already two years from now!"

"I'll give you a hint: Brianna."


Harry's P.O.V

It came running trough my head when that word popped out.I remembered all of it. The day that Brianna said that if I don't kiss her, she will bully my dear Emma and send her death letters. I decided I'll just kiss her for a second and walk away but then she pulled me harder, not letting me escape. I saw a girl, with brown hair, running away. I knew it was Emma. After a long month trying to talk to Emma, the day of my audition for the X-factor came. It was devastating to know that Emma wasn't there to support me and call me to wish me good luck. I sang 'Isn't she lovely' by Stevie Wonder, and obviously, I thought about Emma. 

"You know I didn't kiss Brianna because I liked her. It was for your safety."

"For my safety?!Are you kidding me?!"she said angrily.

"Will you let me explain?'

"No because we just landed and I don't need your fake explanations."





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