Loving you again.

When Emma goes to London to surprise her cousin,Liam, she bumps into a boy named Harry Styles along the way. Will he change her life again?


1. Airport

"Aria! Get your ass down here or not we will miss our flight!"I looked at the time on my phone and it was written 10:53. If we didn't leave now, we would definitely miss it. 

"Coming!"Aria said rushing down the staircase.

We left the house and went into my mum's car. I've been super excited for this day to arrive. I was finally leaving for England with my best friend for a few weeks to surprise my cousin for his 20th birthday. How amazing is this?Maybe I'll find my princ- keep dreaming Emma. Who would want to date me? Plain simple Emma Wood.

I finally realize that we finally arrived at the airport. This was it.I said my goodbyes to my mum and left into the big building.

"Do you think you'll see Harry again?" Aria said in curiosity.

"Maybe. But if we do, we're still friends.Nothing awkward." I lied.

The thing is, it's that before me and Harry use to date. We were truly in love, spending all the minutes with each other.One day, everything just went all wrong. He started acting weird around me, being less sweet. I  knew he was holding a secret from me. I was walking to go home, then I herd noises behind a tree, like two people kissing. I peaked to see who was it and I couldn't believe my eyes. Harry was kissing Brianna, that popular bitch that I hated so much and Harry knew I hated her. I just ran away while tears were streaming down my face. Then I never wanted to talk to him ever again.


We past security and we were just waiting for the plane to board. I was reading a Cosmopolitan magazine where Lucy Hale was the cover of it. Aria was listening to her Ipod and from the humming I could guess she was listening to Taylor Swift' We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I decided to go get some drink at the little Starbucks next to our gate. 

"Hi, can I have an iced caramel Macchiato please?"

"Sure, that will be 4.28$." said the cashier.

I gave her the money and waited for my drink.

As I turn around, I see someone really familiar. It was Harry. Oh no. Why was he here? And why was he at Starbucks at the same time as me? Ugh. 

I tried to hide myself from him and walk away as fast as I could. I suddenly hear a loud voice.

"Hey, isn't that Harry?" said Aria behind me.

Because of her loud voice, the curly boy faced us, looking quite happy.

"Oh, hey Emma , what brings you here?" 

"Well I was thirsty so I bought a drink."I said in a rude voice.

" Haha obviously. Where are you going?"

I see he forgot what he has done to me. Wow. What a bastard.

"Going to London to visit my family and why would you even care?"

"Someone has a bad mood today!"

"Well whenever I see your face this  happens to my mood. It gets all grumpy."

I left with anger filling my body. How could he not even remember what he did to me. 










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