true love chapter 1

its about a girl named hailey that has a crush on niall horan.they go out and then drama will start to happen.


1. true love

Hi guys my name is Hailey and i currently 16 years old. I live in Ireland Mullingar. I go to a high school and have a crush on my best friend niall he just doesn't know it. He lives across from my house like in front of it. So when i was walking home from school i saw him with a girl named holly that also goes to our high school.They were hugging and kissing which also meant they were going out.I felt my eyes began to water.I looked at them once more and ran off into my house. When i closed the front door i just broke down crying.That's when i heard a knock on my door along with someone saying my name.I looked through the peep hole and found niall waiting in front of my door step.I finally decided to open the door. 

"hey hailey are you alright there?"niall asked sweetly.I forgot to wipe my eyes and my face.So  I had to make up an excuse.

"yeah" I lied.

" Then why are there tears on your  eyes and cheeks." niall questioned.

"umm because i failed a test i worked really hard on"i replied believable.

"oh ok then i am sure you will do better next time."and with that he left.

I was surprised he actually believed me.Well the i am going to bed.So i took a quick shower and got dressed into a red shirt and black short.then i put my hair in a messy bun and i went off to bed.

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