Mr. Mom

Harry Styles was on tour in the US with his 4 best friends living the dream of a pop sensation. He was known for partying but one night it got a little out of hand and now he is left with a baby and a note at his doorstep and is expected to care for the baby he never knew he had with the help of Louis,Liam,Niall,and Zayn. Can he do it?


4. Shopping Spree

*suprise Tay! I decided to write the next chapter!*

Harry's POV:

Alright so now Louis wants me to go shopping for this baby of mine...great. "alright i'll just go with you to Baby's R Us and we can get all the neccesaties. " Louis says. "fine. the baby can't come though because people will notice me with a baby!" I retort. "alright then. Liam, you watch Rachel." Louis orders. Liam takes the crying child from me and once more, she stops crying. Gosh, Liam has a way with children!

We are at Baby's R Us and there are tons and tons of mothers here with their, well, babies. "alright Haz, I will look in the clothing and toys section and you can look for like the furniture and food." Louis explains. "fine. of course you want to pick the clothes and toys." I mutter to myself and walk toward the correct aisle. "alright...there are banana and strawberry baby sounds good enough." I whisper and set a few jars into the basket. "hmmm carrots...Louis will love this. And....brocolli?? yuck. but I suppose it's healthy so i'll take it. Let me just take half the shelf while i'm at it!" I say to myself, overly confident in my food choices. Alright now onto the furniture...WAIT! I need juice! I sprint back toward the drink aisle and get apple juice, orange juice, and milk. So now I can go to the furniture aisle. I get over there and there are tons of different wood colors and blanket colors. I decided on a lighter wood color with baby pink bedding. I'm just gonna get a high chair with the same colors choices. God, I hope Louis is almost done.

Louis' POV:

Oh my god. Look at all these toys! I will get this bunny, no TWO bunnies, and then a teddy bear, a big one AND a small one, this tiger, and then this cute little monkey with a tutu! Oh and look there is a HUGE giraffe! I'm getting this! And I will get this cute, pink and white toy bin to hold the toys. Alright now I can move onto the clothing. On my way to the clothes aisle, I see these framed painting and each one has a different name on it, and I suddenly spot one that says Rachel in pink lettering. I quickly grab it and put it in my large and nearly overflowing cart.

Alright now what clothes do I get? I quickly just pull down  all the adorable girl clothes and shoes I see and I suddenly feel like a tornado going through the whole aisle. Once, i'm done I meet up with Harry. "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!" he shouts and then stares down at my filled to the brim cart. "ummm..hehe... about that." I smile. "god your going to cost us a fortune!" he stresses. "well good thing we have a fortune." I partly joke, in attempt to lighten the mood.  He just groans and we walk to the register. We notice people taking photos but we try to ignore it.

Harry's POV:

Once the lady is done checking out our things, she says the price quickly and rather loudly. "that will be 1,000 dollars." she drones. I can tell that she is not from England considering her American accent and her....deep brown eyes. Getting off topic here, but anyways and the referance to 'dollars' instead of 'pounds'. Since I know the correct amount of pounds to give her, I hand them to her and glance down at her name tag and look away quickly. Wait a second, did that name tag say....Carla??!! I must be imagining things but Louis has a tight grasp on my arm and is pulling me out of the store. I want to turn back but I can't, it's like gravity is pulling me out the door. We finally get to the car and Louis drives us home insisting that i've gone mad after I told him about the name tag incident.  We get back to my flat and take the things inside. "alright now we just need to set up." I say. "no Harry. YOU are setting up! I have done a lot for you today so I deserve a break!" Louis says and walks out of the flat. Liam walks out of the kitchen and hands me the baby. "good luck lad. I will be back tomorrow to check up on you and Rachel. do NOT screw anything up!" he instructs and then walks out. Now I am left alone....with the crying baby, or should I say my daughter.

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