Mr. Mom

Harry Styles was on tour in the US with his 4 best friends living the dream of a pop sensation. He was known for partying but one night it got a little out of hand and now he is left with a baby and a note at his doorstep and is expected to care for the baby he never knew he had with the help of Louis,Liam,Niall,and Zayn. Can he do it?


10. I Miss You

*Shauna's Chapter*

Harry's POV:

WHAT?! "oh my god are you being serious?" I ask frantically. "yeah I am..." she says slowly. "WHERE IS SHE? I HAVE TO SEE HER!" I shout. " really can't.." she trails off, but I ignore her. "TELL ME! I NEED TO SEE HER!" I yell again. "HARRY YOU CAN'T!" she surprisingly yells back. "WHY THE HELL NOT?" I shout, getting angry and nervous. " ummm...." she trails off once more. "TELL ME!!!" I strain. "SHE DEAD HARRY!!" she screams, bursting into tears. Oh god. No. This can't be happening! "Oh dear GOD!" I say and get up. I run to Rachel and pick her up.

"Daddy I made a new friend! Why we weaving?" she asks. "I'll tell you when we get home." I mutter, wiping tears from my eyes. We get to the car and we rush home, leaving Lindsey alone at the park. We finally get home and we rush inside. I sit on the couch and begin to cry. Rachel wobbles toward me. "Daddy, I thought woo said you were all better?" she says. "Sweetie...umm how do I say this? basically..." I say, trailing off. "Daddy, where is mommy?" she asks. It makes me cry all over again. "Rach, mommy is dead." I say. She sniffles and then the water works begin. I hold her in my arms and we cry together.

After she was finished crying, I took her to her crib and then went to call the boys. I decided to call Louis and let him deliver the message. "Hello?" I said into the phone, voice shaky. "Hey mate! How's it going? It's a bit late to be callin' me and you sound sad." he says all at once. "erm....Carla is dead." I let out. "what?" he asks, surprised. "Lindsey is her sister and told me she was dead." I say, sniffling and holding back tears. "do you need me to come over?" he asks. "no i'm fine." I say, and then hear Rachel calling my name. "Rachel needs me, I need to go." I say. "alright bye." Louis says and then hangs up.

I walk into Rachel's room to see what is wrong. "What is it Rachel?" I ask. "Tell me about mommy." she says, voice trembling. "alright angel." I say and take her out of her crib. I set her on my lap and we sit on the rocking chair. "I didn't spend much time with your mommy but the time we shared was magical. She was VERY pretty just like you! She was SO nice and happy all the time!" I explain. Rachel looks up at me with a fascinated gleam in her eyes. "I admit I didn't know mommy very well but if I would have got to know her better, I would have REALLY loved her!" I say, wiping tears away. "really?" she asks. "yep." I answer. " I love you daddy!" she says with a smile, and then reaches up to kiss my cheek. "I love you too Rach!" I reply and then set her in her crib. She falls asleep with a smile on her face. I look at her and think about Carla. I realize that what I said was true, if I wouldn't have been so drunk and actually gotten to know her, I would have loved her. You know what, scratch that because I did love her.


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