Mr. Mom

Harry Styles was on tour in the US with his 4 best friends living the dream of a pop sensation. He was known for partying but one night it got a little out of hand and now he is left with a baby and a note at his doorstep and is expected to care for the baby he never knew he had with the help of Louis,Liam,Niall,and Zayn. Can he do it?


5. Growing Closer

*Taylor's Chapter*

Louis's POV~

I left Harry alone to take care of Rachel... maybe not my best idea.  But he needs practice with her, after all he's the parent.  Not any of us.  I just hope he's going ok.

Harry's POV~

"I GIVE UP!" I yell throwing a piece of the crib( that I have to build) against the wall.  I've been trying to build this thing for 45 minutes and I'm still in square one.  Why me?  Why couldn't this happen to someone else?  I left Rachel on the couch in the living room so she wouldn't hear all these noises.  After a minute a began to hear muffled noises through the wall.

I walk into the living room and see that Rachel is crying on the couch.  I walk over and slowly sit down on the couch next to her and set her on my lap.  "Hi Rachel, what do yo want?  Are you hungry?  Or do you want some of the stuffed animals that Uncle Louis got you?" I ask softly.  She looks up at me and for the first time I really do notice that she has MY green eyes.  She doesn't say anything but she cuddles closer to me.

She must have been lonely.  She is beautiful, mostly because she's Carla's daughter.  But she does have my curly hair and green eyes.  I can't help but feel proud that this beautiful girl is my daughter.  I may have over reacted in the beginning, but now I see that I may be able to do this.  I have to do this for Carla, and Rachel of course.  I look down at her and see her eyes closed, shes asleep.

When she lays there she loooks so innocent, and so perfect.  I softly begin to sing to her.

Isn't she lovely

Isn't she wonderful

Isn't she precious

Less than one minute old

And I never thought through love we'd be

Making one as lovely as she

But isn't she lovely made from love

Her eyes gently flutter open.  "Pretty." She says reaching a small hand up to touch my face.  I smile a real smile.  The first of many smiles that I'll have with her.  "Ok Rachel, daddy has to go finish your room." I say lifting her off of my lap and setting her on the couch.  I get up and walking into the empty room.  Lets do this!

After an hour and a half the room is finally done!  I had to take lots of break to feed, change, and play with Rachel.  I moved the crib agaist the sloped back wall and moved the changing table acroos the room.  In one corner I put a little book shelf with about five or six childrens books in it.  Next to the book shelf I put a rocking chair and a lamp.  In the other corner I put all of her toys and stuffed animals from Louis.  And in the last corner I put her dressers full of all her clothes.

I look at the clock and see thats it's a little after ten, time for Rachel to go to sleep.  I walk into the living room and see that Rachel is watching the Big Comfy Couch.  "Ok Rachel time to go to sleep." I say turning the tv off and picking her up.  "I not tired." She says crossing her arms.  "Well you will be if you stay up any later." I say.  After changing her into ehr bunny PJs I gently lift her and put her in the crib.

"Goodnight Angel." I say kissing her forehead.  I was about to leave when I hear "Stay."  "Pwease stay daddy." I hear her whisper.  "Alright." I say.  I walk over to the rocking chair and sit down.  I clap my hands and the lights go out.  "Good night Rachel." I whisper.  "Night night daddy." I hear her whisper back.  Then I drift off to sleep. 



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