Mr. Mom

Harry Styles was on tour in the US with his 4 best friends living the dream of a pop sensation. He was known for partying but one night it got a little out of hand and now he is left with a baby and a note at his doorstep and is expected to care for the baby he never knew he had with the help of Louis,Liam,Niall,and Zayn. Can he do it?


7. Close Calls and saying sorry

*Taylors Chapter*

Liam's POV~

It's been a day and Harry still haven't shown up to his flat.  The way he acted about the rumors was WAY out of context but he still has a baby here to take care of.  The rest of guys and I are watching tv with Rachel.  Then I hear my phone ring.  "Hello?" I ask.  I don't know this number.  "Hi are you Liam Payne?" The voice on the other line asks.  "Yes this Liam, and who is this?" I ask.  "The hospital.  Harry has been in a car accident and he's in the hospital now.  I think you might want to get down here." The voice says.  I freeze.  That's why he didn't come back.  "We'll right there." I say and hang up the phone.

"Liam whats wrong?" Niall asks when I hang up.  "Harry's been in a car accident.  We have to get t the hospital RIGHT NOW." I say picking Rachel up quickly an leading the rest of the boys out the door.

The drive to the hospital seemed like it would never end.  Once we got there we all ran inside.  "Hi.  What room number is Harry Styles in?" I ask quickly.  "Let me check hun." The lady at the front desk says.  We don't have time for her to check.  I need to get in there now!  I see that the other boys are aggrivated at her too.  "He's in room 107, it's just donw the hallway to the left." She says nicely.  We don't even thank her, we just run down the hall.  Running and hlding Rachel is difficult but I don't even care at this point.

When we get into the room we all go silent.  All you can hear is Harry's heart monitor.  He looks so broken, it's hard to look at him.  He has stitches on his left arm and a goze grap around his head with many cuts and bruises.  "Daddy?" Rachel whispers.  I can tell by her voice that she's not really 100% positive it's him.  "Rachel this is daddy.  I know it doesn't really look like it but it is." I say back.  Tears well up in her eyes and she starting crying.

Harry's POV~

Everything hurts.  I can't move without my whole body feeling like it's on fire.  I open my eyes and see the rest of the boys and Rachel sitting in the chairs around my bed.  "DADDY!" Rachel yells.  I smile but even that hurts.  Liam gets up and brings Rache over and sets her on the bed next to me.  "I'm sorry daddy." Rachel whispers while starting to cry again.  "Baby this isn't your fault.  It's mine for yelling at you, I did this to myself." I whisper to her.  She crawls up closer and snuggles into my chest.  I wince in pain but don't atempt to move her.

I stroke her hair gently and look around at all the boys with tears in their eyes.  'Boys I'm so sorry for the way I acted.  Those rumors just really boter me and I lost it back there.  And I basicaly terrorized Rchel." I say looking at them all.  "Harry we forgive you, but just don't do that ever again.'' Zayn says smiling a little.  "I made dis daddy! It for you." Rachel says as Louis gives her a paper.

"She drew it on the way here." Louis says smiling.  I unfold the paper and see a picture of Rachel and I.  I stare at it for a few minutes before letting a few tears rolling down my cheek.  "Come here Rach." I say motioning for her to move a little closer.  She crawls until she lasy her head on my shoulder.  'Thank you sweetie.  I love you so much, don't ever forget that." I say kissing that top of her head.  "I wove you to daddy." She says cuddling closer to me.   



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