Mr. Mom

Harry Styles was on tour in the US with his 4 best friends living the dream of a pop sensation. He was known for partying but one night it got a little out of hand and now he is left with a baby and a note at his doorstep and is expected to care for the baby he never knew he had with the help of Louis,Liam,Niall,and Zayn. Can he do it?


8. All Better Daddy?

*Shauna's Chapter*

Harry's POV:

So it's been a day now and i'm out of the hospital and back at home with Rachel. I made a promise to myself that I would be a better father and I intend to keep it! Louis and I both tweeted that Larry Stylinson was NOT real and they should stop the hate now. I gained back all my followers and so did Louis. It just amazes me how 1 rumor can make SO many people hate you in less than 3 minutes and it does strongly affect people.

We have a signing to promote the new album Take Me Home and the boys and I have mutually decided to bring Rachel along for the Directioners to get to know her and for Rachel to get used to SO many girls around and how they react to us. "Daddy what am I wearing?" she asks. "hmm how about this dress with little strawberries on it?" I suggest and take it out of the drawer in her room. "Wotay!" she replies. I kneel down and change her into the dress. Then I grab little pink sandals and strap them onto her tiny feet, and to complete the 'look' I put a little pink bow in her hair.

I walk out of her room and spray on some cologne. I walk back to her room and lift her up to take her to the car. I buckle her into her car seat and then get into the drivers seat. "what do you want to watch?" I ask her. "ummm The Wiggles!" she says with an adorable smile, a smile that reminds me of Carla's. I take out my iPad and pull up her favorite episode, then hand it to her. She smiles down at the screen and giggles every once and a while.

After a few minutes, I arrive at the signing place and all the boys are waiting outside for me. There are tons of screaming girls out in front of the place trying to touch them and some girls have resorted to crying hysterically. I get out of the car and unbuckle Rachel's car seat and carry her to the other boys. As soon as the fans spot her, they go mad! We all walk into the building and sit at the table. The security gaurds were nice enough to provide Rachel with a high chair next to me regular chair. I set her in the chair and she seems confused at first but goes along with everything.

The boys and I thought it would be cute to take some professional photos of Rachel and then have her sign them by putting her hand on an ink pad and then just stamping the pictures. I set down the stack of pictures and the ink pad on the high chair table. The girls start walking in and they have already begun screaming. I hug some of the girls, take pictures, and kiss their cheeks. I help Rachel stamp the pictures and all the fans find her extremely adorable but one girl caught my attention by her beauty and what she said to Rachel and I.

"Harry, I love you so much and I am entirely fine with you having a child. I find is SO adorable and respect you TONS because you kept her instead of putting her up for adoption or trying to give her back. And Rachel, your daddy is an AMAZING person and millions of girls love him and cry over him but always remember that you will always be his number one girl!" she had said. I asked her name and she said it was Lindsey and her twitter is @HeyItsLindz, so I will certainly be coming into contact with her because what she said was incredibly sweet.

What she said really did impact me because it reminded me of why I am doing what I am doing in the first place and how much I really do appreciate and love the Directioners. After the signing Rachel and I went home and it was already getting close to Rachel's bedtime. I got her changed into her pajamas and we sat on my bed and we had a little chat about the signing. "did you like the signing?" I asked. "yes daddy but it was weally loud!" she answered. "i know but did you have fun?" I say. "WES!" she shouted, which made me laugh. She crawled over and laid on my chest. "I love you Rachel and never forget that! I am sorry for how I acted a few days ago." I assured her. "I love woo too daddy!" she says. "im happy you said that." I say. "Are woo all better daddy?" she asked. "yes Rach...I am better." I replied softly. And before I knew it we were both asleep.

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