Just My Luck

One mistake changed everything, but I guess that was just my luck. I was being my normal clumsy and forgetful self but I guess it was meant to be that way. What if, no I don't even want say what if I hadn't because then I would have never met my love, Harry. I was just an average student with luck, lots of it, when my life changed forever. It must have been fate that brought us together and I am forever grateful for my one little mistake. Even though I told myself I would never let myself fall in love again after what happened last time but I couldn't help myself, I hope it wasn't a mistake.


2. Chapter 2


It was finally the first day of school. I woke up and got dressed. It wasn't that hot out about 20 degrees Celsius outside, which meant about 66 degrees Fahrenheit. I was finally mastering Celsius to Fahrenheit. The weather in London was a bit colder and rainier but I didn't mind. I walked to my closet and grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater. I put my clothes on and walked to the small kitchen. I opened the fridge to find no food was left. I glanced around the kitchen, but there was nothing. So instead I decided to get something from Starbucks. I slid my Uggs on and grabbed my bag that had been ready for days. I stepped outside the door and locked it. The Starbucks was only a couple of blocks away so I decided to walk.    After about 10 minutes I had made it to Starbucks. I was about to pull open the door but someone else had beat me to it and held open the door.    "Thanks," I said in my American accent.    "Your very welcome."    I looked up at his face I passed through the door. He looked about my age, curly hair and green eyes. Either he looked a whole lot like my favorite member of One Direction or it was actually him.   "Hey, I couldn't help but notice your accent. What are you doing here?" Harry asked.    "Uhm, I go to Cambridge. I'm just starting there," I replied.    "Oh that's nice. What's your name?" He questioned.    "Natalie, you?" I asked trying to seem oblivious.   "My names Harry," He answered, he seemed shocked that I didn't seem to know who he was.   "Next!" the lady yelled.    I turned around and asked for a medium black coffee. I pulled out my wristlet and handed the lady two ponds and told her to keep the change. I put my wristlet down while I waited.  I glanced down at my watch , it was already 8:00 A.M. The lady put the coffee on the counter and I grabbed it and ran out.    As I left I heard someone calling my name but I didn't have time to look back. I jumped into a taxi and told him to take me to Cambridge University. 
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