Just My Luck

One mistake changed everything, but I guess that was just my luck. I was being my normal clumsy and forgetful self but I guess it was meant to be that way. What if, no I don't even want say what if I hadn't because then I would have never met my love, Harry. I was just an average student with luck, lots of it, when my life changed forever. It must have been fate that brought us together and I am forever grateful for my one little mistake. Even though I told myself I would never let myself fall in love again after what happened last time but I couldn't help myself, I hope it wasn't a mistake.


14. Chapter 14


“That was some good cake, Nat,” Harry mumbled as he swiped a spoonful of cake of my plate.

“There is more than half of the cake left in the fridge if you want more,” I replied moving my plate closer to me to protect it.

“Nah, I’m to lazy to get up,” He said as he stretched his arm out and put it around my shoulder.

“Here have the rest, I’m not hungry.” I put the plate on the table and Harry had immediately picked it up. “I thought Niall was the one who ate a lot?” I asked.

“I like food too, we all like food. Niall just eats a lot of it.”

“I was just teasing. So what do you want to do?” I asked.

“I dunno, what do you want to do?” He asked back.

“Have you been watching the X-Factor?” I questioned.

“I watched some of the auditions, not recently though. But you do realize it’s a Friday and the show is on Saturdays and Sundays?” 

“No duh, don’t you guys have On-Demand or something?” I asked remembering back home.

“No idea, I never really use the tele,” He admitted.

“The tele?” I joked with a fake British accent.

“Well what kind of name is T.V.” He questioned.

“It’s better then tele,” I teased.

“Then why did you come here, to the U.K., if you think American stuff is better?”

“Uhm, good question. Well I always wanted to visit England, like on vacation but we never did. And it seemed cool to study abroad so here I am. And plus I think guys with British accents are pretty cute,” I answered truthfully.

“Well I think girls with American accents are pretty cute,” He replied with a cheeky smile.

“Shut it, Mr. Cheeky,” I said laughing. 

“Well why don’t you, Mrs...Mrs...uhm...American,” He answered laughing at his own joke. I started laughing to at his attempt to be funny, he always told such bad jokes.

“You are just to funny Mr. Styles,” I said sarcastically..

“I have some good jokes,” He replied sounding a bit offended.

“Okay, sure you do,” I answered still teasing him.

“Well, how about why did the mushroom go to the party?” He questioned.

“Because he was a fungae, wasn’t that Louis’ joke?”

“How did you know that, unless you used to have a little bit of an obsession on One Direction?” Harry said, starting to tease me back.

“Maybe just a little, who didn’t?” I replied trying to shrug it off.

“Who was your favorite?” He asked quizically.

“Not you, that’s for sure,” I said slyly.

“Well it seems that you followed me on twitter before I met you, so I am just going to assume that I was your favorite and besides who can resist my curls?” He said bobbing his head up and down so his curls bounced.

“Uh shut it Harry!” I teased playfully punching his shoulder.

“Did you have a Tumblr or twitter?” He asked, staying on the same subject which i clearly wanted to move away from.

“Yes, yes I did, but good luck finding them. Now can we move on?” I sighed.

“Sure, what do you want for your birthday?” He said asking another hard question.

“Nothing big, I haven’t known you more than a month. Don’t you dare buy me any expensive or do anything extreme, please Harry,” I begged.

“Then what am I supposed to get you?” He questioned.

“I don’t really care, whatever you think is fitting.”

“But you just said I couldn’t get you what I wanted to.”

“Just don’t go extreme because I don’t want people getting the wrong idea of me, alright?”

“Fine, fine, fine! I will come up with something!” Harry exclaimed.

“Thank you,” I whispered and grazed his cheek with my lips. I snuggled my head on his shoulder and relaxed. I hadn’t even realized that my birthday was in less than five days and probably wouldn’t have remembered until that day. I actually had a big test for Sociology on my birthday, at least after that I would be pretty stress free for that week. Harry started to rub my back and place his head on top of me.

“So what would you like?” He mumbled.

“Surprise me,” I whispered back closing my eyes.

“You tired?” He asked.

“A bit,” I replied quietly. 

“It's a little late to drive you home...” Harry started.

"I'll just sleep on the couch, it's fine," I replied.

"No way are you sleeping on the couch," He said as he took his hand off of me and stood up. Harry picked me up, wedding style, and kissed my cheek. “Why would I ever let you sleep on the couch?” He continued to carry me all the way upstairs and to his room. “Would you like sweats or something?” He asked as he laid me down on the bed.

“Sweats are fine,” I mumbled back. He threw me a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt from his closet and turned around while I changed. I caught him cheekily turning his head to catch a glimpse but every time I saw him he would turn his head and start giggling. Once I was changed I climbed back into the bed and I felt Harry curl up against me. His hand wrapped around my waist and he quietly hummed a couple of songs that I couldn’t recognize.

“Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” He whispered in my ear as I started to doze off.

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