Just My Luck

One mistake changed everything, but I guess that was just my luck. I was being my normal clumsy and forgetful self but I guess it was meant to be that way. What if, no I don't even want say what if I hadn't because then I would have never met my love, Harry. I was just an average student with luck, lots of it, when my life changed forever. It must have been fate that brought us together and I am forever grateful for my one little mistake. Even though I told myself I would never let myself fall in love again after what happened last time but I couldn't help myself, I hope it wasn't a mistake.


13. Chapter 13

“You can come over today after school, doors unlocked :D” My phone read. Another Friday night with Harry, the weekdays were boring, I was busy and so was he. “You gonna be at the studio?” I quickly texted back under my desk.


“Natalie if I see that mobile one more time,” My professor began.


“Sorry, sorry,” I mumbled as I threw my phone back in my bag. Ariana gave a disapproving head bob, this happened all the time during the day. It was the last couple minutes of class, and more importantly of the day. We had written some in-class essay but I mine was finished and handed in so I don’t see why using my phone was wrong, but whatever.


“One minute,” He reminded the few students still writing. There was a big analog clock at the front the slowly ticked away to when I could leave. My phone buzzed quietly, only I could hear it as everyone else was too far away.


“Time, pencils down!” The professor called. People wrote their last sentence and put their pencils down. No one could leave until all the essays were collected, the teacher was just strict like that. He walked up and down the aisle and collected the remaining essays and dismissed the class.


“You better put your mobile away before you get in trouble,” Ariana teased as we left the classroom.


“Shut up,” I joked back.


“One of theses days, he is just gonna take it away,” She explained.


“Then I guess I will have finally learned my lesson,” I replied. Ari shook her head and laughed slightly. Her and Niall hadn’t completely worked out, she couldn’t stand the hate after a week so they just kinda nicely stopped seeing each other. They were still friends and had promised each other what was meant to be would work out that way.  Hopefully they could rekindle their relationship but if not it wasn’t meant to be. 


“I have to go,” I started. 


“Another Friday night, well have fun, but not too much.”


“I will.” I walked toward my car and took my phone out of my bag. As expected it was Harry who had texted me. His text read “yesssss last day and then we are done finally”. Their second album was practically done, wow. Live While We’re Young was being released on Sunday here and on Monday, my birthday, back home in America. They had some mini promos to do on the X-Factors but that was only a week or so. I quickly texted him back “see you soon” and started driving to his house. I decided that I would make him a cake his little accomplishment.


I stopped at a local grocery store and grabbed a cart, or trolley, whatever you want to call it. I was just gonna use a box mix, I would save my own, homemade cake for later. I choose the moist, vanilla one, some whipped vanilla icing, and food coloring. I checked out and paid the cashier the proper amount of money. 


I continued my drive to Harry’s house and managed to make it there before him, perfect. I pulled up on the side of the street and got all of the stuff out of the car. I couldn’t believe the idiot left his door unlocked but that was his choice so whatever. I opened to the door to see a pretty neat house, which was surprising because the other time I had been here it was quite messy. I had only been in his house one other time and it seemed like such a long time but it was actually only a few weeks. I went to the kitchen and quickly whipped up the cake batter. I died it a orange tint, both of out favorite colors.  I slid it in the oven. I turned on some music from my phone while I waited. The house was quite big and was quiet, which bothered me. 


The oven beeped thirty minutes later and I pulled out the cake. I took it out of the pan and left it to cool on a plate. My music was so loud that I hadn’t heard Harry walk up behind me.


“Whatcha making?” He asked.


“A cake.”


“Can I have some?” He asked again pleadingly.


“Maybe, haven’t decided yet,” I teased.


“Well you can’t finish your cake without the icing,” Harry said as he grabbed the can of opened icing waiting to be smeared on the cake. He ran away with the icing and up the stairs. I followed as best as I could, slipping and sliding on the wood floors. I followed him upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms but he wasn’t there. I looked around and he jumped out from behind the door and tackled me on to the bed.


“Can I have some cake now?” He asked, his face only inches from mine.


“Yes! Yes you can have some cake,” I replied smiling. He got off of me and gave me a hand and helped me up. He then dipped his finger in the icing and spread it across my nose and a little bit on my lips.


“Let me get that for you,” He said as kissed my lips and made the sweet icing disappear.

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