Just My Luck

One mistake changed everything, but I guess that was just my luck. I was being my normal clumsy and forgetful self but I guess it was meant to be that way. What if, no I don't even want say what if I hadn't because then I would have never met my love, Harry. I was just an average student with luck, lots of it, when my life changed forever. It must have been fate that brought us together and I am forever grateful for my one little mistake. Even though I told myself I would never let myself fall in love again after what happened last time but I couldn't help myself, I hope it wasn't a mistake.


10. Chapter 10

Harry and I arrived  at the venue fifteen minutes early. The fans were already starting to line up.   

"I am going to go greet some fans, you wanna come or go around the back?" Harry asked.   

"I'll come with, this is like a once in a life time experience," I answered.  

"Not once in lifetime, but okay." Harry smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. We got out of the car and started to walk towards the entrance. The fans screamed so loud when they saw Harry walking closer to them.   

"Here, put these in your ears," Harry recommended.  He handed me two earpieces. We put them in our ears. Suddenly everything sounded quieter but the fans screams could still be heard. Harry grabbed my hand and led me towards the entrance.   

"Harry, what are you doing? I thought it was a secret," I asked.   

"The pictures from last night and today will be released soon anyways," He answered. I kissed him on the cheek and he held my hand tighter. The girls went silient realizing what they were seeing but got over it in a seconds. Harry walked up the blockaded side of the stairs where the VIP's must have lined up.  I volunteered to take pictures for the girls, some of them called me names but I shrugged it off. After about ten minutes we reached the top, Harry opened the door and we went in together. The soon to be loud and crowded arena was silient. Harry walked us towards one of the doors that said staff only. He opened the door and we walked down the corridor, then down some stairs, and then another corridor.  At the end was to paths, we went left. There was a door at the end of this hallway. He opened it and let us both through, inside was where the stars must hang out before the show. Harry and I both sat on the couch and turned on the T.V. The news reporter started talking but neither of us listened.   

"Thanks for lunch today, I really enjoyed," I whispered in his ear.   

"Your very welcome," He whispered back. I rested my head on his shoulders and we sat calmly watching the news.   

"We're here!" They all screamed as the walked. The first thing I noticed was Niall was holding Ariana's hand, this was so perfect, almost too perfect. Me and Harry sat up and went to greet them. 

"We have to go do sound check, we will be right back," Zayn said. Harry kissed my cheek and left with the rest of boys. Only us girls were left.  

"So how was the fair?" I asked and immediately Ariana blushed, I could only imagine what had happened.   

"It was fun, we signed lots of autographs and took even more pictures," Perrie answered.   

"The ferris wheel was fun," Ariana said not looking directly at me, I decided to drop it and I would ask her later. We chatted for about an hour until the boys came back. They went to get changed into there concert outfits and came back into their iconic clothes. Now that I thought about they never really ever wore those types of outfits besides photo shots and concerts. They had to leave again to go to hair and makeup done and promised they would be back within an hour.   

They came back around 18:30 and looked too perfect, every flaw was covered and their hair was done as well.    "What happened to not needing make up to cover up," I asked Harry.   

"Very funny, Nat. But it's just for the show" He answered. We chilled out until about 19:30, and then the guys told us they had gotten us seats for the concert. Niall handed us girls the tickets and told us to go find our seats.   

"Good luck!" We all said as we left. We went back up to main part of the venue and exited the staff section.    

"We are in the second row of section D," Danielle informed. We walked towards the openings to the concert and showed the security our tickets and they pointed to where we needed to go. We listened to their instructions and found the five opened seats. We all sat down, me and Ariana sat next to each other.   

"What happened at the fair?" I whispered into Ariana's ear.   

"Niall and I went on the ferris wheel alone and then at the top he kissed me. It was so romantic but we didn't tell anyone. Thanks Nat, for all of this, if it wasn't for you none of this would have ever happened. What did you two do?"  

"He took me to some fancy restaurant and we throw grapes at each other and then when we were eating dessert he kissed me." The memory was still fresh in my mind and I wanted another one.  

"Well, today was a good day for both of us, if you know what I am saying," Ariana teased.   

I was about to reply when I was cut off by the countdown for the concert. Everyone in the arena stood up and began to cheer, including us.

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