i should have known

A girl named alice, almost 18 went to school with liam when they were younger and thinks he loves her when they become famous and he forgets all about her.


2. The First Phone Call


After school i came home, still thinking  about this boy. I felt like i wasn't whole without him and i could tell by the look on his face, he felt the same way. I felt a connection that I had never felt before......So that night I lay in bed only tthinking about him, not closing my eyes at all. When it was time to go to school, I jumped out of bed knowing that I would get to see him, even though i was extremely exhausted. I got to school on time today, because i wanted to talk to him more. We talked for a long while about ourselves and i realized i didn't even know his name. "What is your name?" "Liam Payne." he replied. Then class began as the teacher was talking, I felt my eyes close as the room got darker and darker. I wake ten minutes later with a calm sweet voice i recognized, it was Liam's. He told me that the teacher did not know I had fallen asleep and that I could come over that day to study what i had missed. He asked me for my number knowing he would need it to tell me the directions, but I knew that it was just an excuse.


I walk into the class Alice already in her seat. I was amazed because I was  usually the first one in the classroom. I sat down next top her and she started to talk. I told her my name and we talked a while more. When the bell rang, we turned around and waited for the teacher to walk in. In the middle of class, Alice began to close her eyes. I waited about ten minutes, because I just figured she did not have any sleep last night. When I woke her she had a smile on her face, then opened her eyes. I told her she could come to my place, and we could study together. I asked her for her number and I told her it was for directions but I think it was clear I wanted to call her for more than that.

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