i should have known

A girl named alice, almost 18 went to school with liam when they were younger and thinks he loves her when they become famous and he forgets all about her.


1. love at first sight


It was the first day of eleventh grade and nothing ever amused me about going to school. All my friends left last year and I'm still upset about that but I'll have to get over it sometime. I walk into class three minutes late and sit down. I dont look around at first, but then a handsome boy sitting next to me caught my eye. "What is your name i heard him say?" "Alice, I replied. We then began class and i could not stop thinking about him.I wanted to talk to him more but, what would i say?


I walk into the classroom and have a seat. I was one of the first ones there. about three minutes into class a georgeous girl walks in. She was so skinny, her hair wavy,bright blonde, and she looked like the perfect girl for me.........it was love at first sight. I ask her what her name is waiting for a reply, "Alice." she replied. I wanted to get her attention but i didn't know how, she seemed plain hard to get.

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