up side down


3. Plane

“ Bye mom” Bay whispers while boarding her plane she has a
tear in her eye that se wipes of as she takes her seat in-between
two girls Yusra and Dom “Hi” Yusra says Bay smiled and looked d
own on the floor deciding to make conversation “Hi” she says quietly  
“are you exited”  facing Bay “ yeah never travelled before”
“oh ok you look different” “got my braces” Bay got her encyclopaedia
out of her Hello kitty bag “ OMG ONE DIRECTION IS IN PARIS
WHEN WERE IN PARIS” “ I know Niall just tweeted ZAP# arriving in Paris tomorrow”
“we have to stick to our plan so we can take pictures for tumbler” “ok” Bay
grins a little and in her head she thinking OBSESTION.

When she arrived and hope of the plane she had
a weird feeling like something was going to change
she got her luggage and stood next to Mr Greening
“ someone likes you” “what who” Bay thinking it
was probably high school pranks or let’s see if the
four eyes Is despite and hook up with anybody
“ Matthew Goreson I asked him who do you have
the hots for he said Bay” “really” “honest to Zayn Malik
dancing Asian persuasion” “ oh ok” thinking a guy on the
football team she laughs to herself
but inside shes hurting she looks at Matt and hes there smiling
at her she just looks away and says
one day ill find prince charming not in a high school
gossip session I has to be fate.

They hop in the van to their hotel “ hay bay im available tonight
7 minutes in heaven wink wink” “Bay says wanting to let it out all
these years she shouts NO you two timing man slut” ohhhh everybody
says “ look the nerd misses her books” people shout  stop Yusra and
Dom yell out and they put their arms around Bay saying cheer ups
Yusra apologises and helps Bay feel better Bay finally feels she has
friends for a long time well she was a loner.

Bay arrives to her hotel room and they got to pick their roommates
Yursa and Dom offer to be in there room she excepts, Wow the first
thing that came into her mind in P.E she always was left out because
no one picked her or there weren’t enough people and no one wanted
her to do their homework or give them answers in a test they wanted
Bay not her brain.


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