up side down



For the interview she had to write why she deserved to go to Paris there was 150 applicants so it was 1/150 chance she could go when she walked into the interview room they were amazed of her grades and her application form “ so Bay were impressed of your application form we need to ask you one question” “ ok what is it” “ You’re going to be away from your family for 5 months  is that alright because while reading this you got a spot were only taking 14 students “ ok I’ll take the spot”

“ MOM  I got a spot to go to Paris  MOM  I got a spot to go to Paris” that’s “ that’s great baby tell me the details” “well mom its five months long we leave next month and it’s all for free the school provides everything but the only thing is I’m going to miss you “.

At school the next day applicants who made it to Paris

James Morrison         Bay Carmen

Lexi Warred                  toni   Gonzalez

Dom Tafili                     Rita Woodland

Yusra Rashid                    Blair Jackson

Zak Kumar                    Matthew Goreson

Felix zave                        Gary watchington

Hannah Corii                 Harriet Goldman

ONE MONTH LATER.......................

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