Learning About Love

Phoenix was an ordinary girl, who had never even heard of some of the latest bands, including One Direction. Until he best friend, Lesly, shows them to her. Now, it is her lifetime dream JUST to meet them. Once she does, though, she falls in love with one of the boys. Now, it has been 4 months since they have been dating, and her friends are dating the others. Then she gets a call. It's for her dream college, Stanford. She got accepted. Will she accept the acceptance and drop her best friends and boyfriend, or will she forget that and proceed with her closest friends and her one true love?


13. Movie Gone Wrong


Josh's POV

I just met the full bus of people, and most of them are dating. There's this one girl, and she is very pretty. She calls herself Suzy. 

Well, I hope I get to make her go from single to in a relationship.

"Hey Suzy. Wanna go outside and talk?"

"Yeah, I would love that. Everyone is being to loud in here, and I think I'm starting to catch Katlyn's headache."

From there, I didn't try to do anything wrong. We just had a civil conversation. I want to get to know her more.


Louis's POV

"I wanna play a game! Who's with me?" Phoenix says. Either she read my mind, or I just rubbed off on her, because I was just about to ask that."

Everyone came in a circle to play Spin the Bottle. Suzy and Josh were outside, so they didn't join. Ooh, I sense a relationship! Everyone sits across from their partner, so they can get a better chance to pick them. Harry goes first.

"Please land on Leslie!" he mouths. I can read lips good. He lands on Leslie. He looks happy, and they kiss. 

"Me next!" Liam shouts. Wow, he never volunteers in this game, because he isn't too fond of it. He lands on Grace, and they kiss. This is boring. I want Niall to go next! "Niall, go!"

He goes, and he lands on Harry. For an Irish guy, he doesn't have very good luck. "Do we have to kiss?" he says.

"It's the rules. KISS!" Phoenix blurts out. She really is just like me! I think we make a great couple. Niall gives Harry a kiss on the cheek. Wow, he actually did it.

"Me next!" Elle yells. Zayn looks like he's hoping for it to land on him. It doesn't It landed on me.

Wait, ME?!

"C'mon guys, KISS!" Niall says. He is probably just mad that he had to kiss Harry. I shrug and say, "What the heck! Just don't fall for me afterwards, okay!" I laugh. Phoenix doesn't look too happy. It's okay, I mouth to her. She nods, saying it's okay back. We kiss. I'm not saying it was bad, but it's not as good as the ones I have with Phoenix.

After a couple more rounds, we decide to go watch a movie. Liam and Grace pick out Toy Story 2. That's my favorite out of the 3, so I don't mind. We all go to the T.V. area, and Liam puts it in. Once he goes to the couch, he sees the movie screen, and frowns. It has a message on it that says:

We're sorry, but the movie you have selected cannot be acquainted to your T.V. Please select a different movie and try again.

Liam buries his head in Grace's chest. He loved that movie, and it's ruined now. Then, the T.V. screen changes. It now has a picture of Phoenix and she is saying something.

"PSYCH! Gotcha Liam!"

Liam looks at her, and she smiles. Okay, so she loves to joke around with others' relationships, loves to play games and play pranks? I LOVE THIS GIRL!

Liam looks mad, and Phoenix's smile now fades. Suzy and Josh walk in, and looked confused. At this moment, Liam is chasing Phoenix around the room, and he is smiling. 

Good to know that he's not actually mad.

We explain to Josh and Suzy everything. Suzy says, "That sounds like Phoenix, all right!" We laugh. 

Then, we continue with the movie, since it actually works.

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