Learning About Love

Phoenix was an ordinary girl, who had never even heard of some of the latest bands, including One Direction. Until he best friend, Lesly, shows them to her. Now, it is her lifetime dream JUST to meet them. Once she does, though, she falls in love with one of the boys. Now, it has been 4 months since they have been dating, and her friends are dating the others. Then she gets a call. It's for her dream college, Stanford. She got accepted. Will she accept the acceptance and drop her best friends and boyfriend, or will she forget that and proceed with her closest friends and her one true love?


9. How Harry and Leslie Started


Harry's POV

Well, Liam has invited the girls on tour with us. We stop at everyone's house so they can get their things. When it comes for Leslie and Phoenix's stop, I go in, and so does Louis. I wonder why he went in. Maybe he has a thing for her. Or Leslie. I hope not, I like her.

When she gets done, Phoenix says she needs to make a quick phone call. Me and Leslie leave, but Louis doesn't. Yeah, he's got a thing for her.

"Leslie, can I talk to you for a moment?" 

"Yeah, sure. What's the matter, Hazza?" I like it when she called me Hazza. Normally only Liam does it, but I liked her doing it.

"Listen, I think I'm falling for you. I know we only talked for a little while, but I feel we really connected. Give me a chance?" There is a long silence. I don't know if she is just shocked because I actually like her, or if she just thinks I'm crazy for liking her. I think she likes me back, because I look into her big blue eyes, and she starts to lean in for a kiss. I don't deny it, and we start to kiss. Our lips are moving perfectly in sync, and we don't stop. We only do for air, then we continue. I think I hear the bus door open, but I don't wanna stop to check. The noise happens again, but I still don't stop.

"Are you getting chilly?" I ask her when we stop for air. She nods, and we are kissing on our way to the bus. I really don't wanna stop, and , apparently, neither does she. We kiss the whole way back to the bus, and then I hear Zayn's voice. "Don't do anything stupid, guys!" I give him a thumbs up, and I take Leslie to my bunk.

"Are you ready?" I ask her. I fell like I'm taking it too fast, but apparently I'm not, because she nods.

Then, we do it.


I wake up and I see that Leslie is beside me, and she's naked. I can't remember anything that happened last night, except for us making out.

I notice Leslie is starting to wake up.

"Hey babe. Are you hungry?" I ask her. She has this dazed look on her face. I then turn my head, and I see Suzy looking at us, and she looked sad, angry, and shocked all at the same time. I let i slide. I just hope she doesn't tell anybody. Oh., well.

"Hey, what happened last night?" She asks me. I guess she doesn't remember, either. I do now, and I tell her.

"What, you don't remember? We had some fun!" I say. jokingly. She chuckles back. 

Wow. Even when she doesn't try to be, she's beautiful. I get out of bed and go fix us some chocolate chip pancakes. I fix us 2 a piece. As soon as I'm done, Niall comes in, sniffing the whole time.

"Hey Nialler, you hun-" He steals the pancakes from me. Oh, well. I guess I'll cook some more.

Right now, I don't care. I just had the best night of my life.

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