Learning About Love

Phoenix was an ordinary girl, who had never even heard of some of the latest bands, including One Direction. Until he best friend, Lesly, shows them to her. Now, it is her lifetime dream JUST to meet them. Once she does, though, she falls in love with one of the boys. Now, it has been 4 months since they have been dating, and her friends are dating the others. Then she gets a call. It's for her dream college, Stanford. She got accepted. Will she accept the acceptance and drop her best friends and boyfriend, or will she forget that and proceed with her closest friends and her one true love?


6. Break-ups and Broken Hearts


Louis's POV

When I leave, I go to the bathroom. I get out my cellphone and call Eleanor. I falling for Phoenix, and Eleanor  deserves to know. She picks up.

Eleanor: Hey baby!

Louis: Hey, I need to tell you something.

Eleanor: Me first. While you have been on tour, I have fallen for this guy. I;m sorry baby, but I guess we just weren't happy enough together. We have kissed, and I was just about to call you, nut then you called me. 

Louis: I am sad you did that, but I did the same to you. A girl came to our concert, I kissed her, and I think I have fallen for her. I guess this is a sigh saying we need to break up. 

Eleanor: I guess so. I hope we can still be friends, and I need you to know that I will always love you.

Louis: Aw, I love you, too.

Eleanor: I guess I can see you once you're done on tour. *click*

The tears were streaming down my face. I can't believe she did the same to me as I did to her. I guess it wasn't meant t be for us. Maybe, I could have another shot with Phoenix.


Harry's POV

Well, Louis has been in the restroom for a while now. Maybe I should see if she was okay.

"Hey, ladies, I'm Going to check on Lou. See you two in a little while."

While I'm going to check on Louis, I;m thinking about those girls. I mean, they were both beautiful, and I didn't know which was more beautiful. Leslie had big, brown eyes, with short, back hair, always swooping to her face. I wanted to push it behind her ear, but then she did. Then, there was Suzy. She had these amazing, sparkling eyes, which were also brown, long, black hair, which flowed beautifully to her hip.

When I reach the bathroom, I hear quiet sobs. Oh god, Lou, what happened?

"Hey Lou, can I come in?"

"Yeah, just a sec."

When he opens the door, he has puff eyes, red cheeks, and a fake smile to cover up his emotions.

"Sorry about the smell, mate!" He says, trying not to let me know he was crying. I let it slide.

"Oh, Louis!" I say back.


Phoenix's POV

"I need to tell Andrew what happened. I think he will understand." I tell Grace. He really would.

"Okay, I'll let you call him. Come back ASAP." she says back.

I reach into my pocket. Crap, I forgot my cellphone. When I reach the room, the boys are coming out. "We need to go out there. It's concert time, boys!" Niall says. they offer us the front 6 seats, so we can watch.

I guess I will call him when I get home.

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