Learning About Love

Phoenix was an ordinary girl, who had never even heard of some of the latest bands, including One Direction. Until he best friend, Lesly, shows them to her. Now, it is her lifetime dream JUST to meet them. Once she does, though, she falls in love with one of the boys. Now, it has been 4 months since they have been dating, and her friends are dating the others. Then she gets a call. It's for her dream college, Stanford. She got accepted. Will she accept the acceptance and drop her best friends and boyfriend, or will she forget that and proceed with her closest friends and her one true love?


11. An Awkward Breakfast


Elle's POV

I have just woken up next to the most wonderful boy in the world. He is so sweet and kind.

We mostly just kissed last night, but we did get some time to talk. After he saw almost everyone kissing someone, he didn't feel like kissing anymore. Anyways, I learned that his favorite color is electric blue, and he  has a crush on Perrie from Little Mix. I'm not sure why he told me that, but oh well, he is allowed to have a celebrity crush, even if he is a celebrity, isn't he?

I'm not worried.

"Hey, do you know if they have fixed breakfast yet?" He asks me. I'm quite hungry, too.

"Zayn, you sound like Niall!" 

"HA!" he laughs back. he gives me a kiss on the cheek, and then goes to the kitchen. I follow right behind him. 

I see Suzy at the table, along with Niall, Katlyn, Harry, and Leslie. Wait, something looks weird with Suzy. 


Whenever Suzy hears something or sees something she can't tell anybody else about, she puts on a face like she has to go to the bathroom really bad. "Spill it, Suzanne. What secret you got now?" I yell to her.

"I-I don't kn-now wh-what you a-are talk-king abo-out." She also stutters when she does.

I see Harry shoot her a look, and Leslie nod. Okay, I'll get it from one of those two.

"Harry, do you know anything about it?" He drops his fork, and shakes his head really slowly. "Leslie?" she just runs to the bathroom. Okay, that's new. Then Louis walks in with Phoenix around his shoulder.

"Harry and Leslie sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Maybe he knows something. Oh, who am I kidding, he DEFINITELY knows something. Before I can ask him, he blurts out, "Harry and Leslie had some F-U-N last night! WOOOOHOOOO!" At this point, everyone drops what they are holding: I dropped my phone, Niall, Katlyn, and Suzy drop their forks. Liam and Grace walk in, and just drop their jaws. Leslie and Harry just sit there, blushing and wide-eyed. I think everyone there is wide-eyed. Louis is just standing there, with Phoenix, crossing his arms, and a look of satisfactory.

Wow, I didn't see that coming.

The rest of breakfast was in silence, except for Louis, and he was asking questions, without anyone answering.

That was the most awkward breakfast I have ever experienced.


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