Learning About Love

Phoenix was an ordinary girl, who had never even heard of some of the latest bands, including One Direction. Until he best friend, Lesly, shows them to her. Now, it is her lifetime dream JUST to meet them. Once she does, though, she falls in love with one of the boys. Now, it has been 4 months since they have been dating, and her friends are dating the others. Then she gets a call. It's for her dream college, Stanford. She got accepted. Will she accept the acceptance and drop her best friends and boyfriend, or will she forget that and proceed with her closest friends and her one true love?


15. A Night in the Hospital


Katlyn's POV

I have no idea what happened to Louis, but it must be bad, because we had to rush him to the hospital. He has a lump on his head, sweat on his forehead, and blood on his hand. It has been 3 hours, and Phoenix still hasn't left his side.

"Phoenix, you need to go to sleep. The doctors say he won't wake up for a few more hours."

"No. I need to stay with him for as long as it takes. He would do the same for me, so I must."

Then she goes back to the little bit she has been singing since we got here.

"You can't go to bed without a cup of tea, but maybe that's the reason you talk in your sleep." There's more, but I can't ever hear it, because she starts to mumble it. She must really love Louis, because that's all she has done since we got here 3 hours ago.

"Hey, Nialler, wanna go eat? I'm starving!" I ask Niall, not even waiting for a response, because I know what it will be. Too bad I was wrong.

"No thanks."

"Have you gone insane? You love food, and are always willing to eat!"

"I'm really worried about Lou. Shouldn't he be up by now?"

"The doctors said not for a few more hours."

"Then that's how long I will wait to eat."

Wow. I didn't think I would ever hear him say he will wait to eat. I guess he is really scared for Louis.


Phoenix's POV

"You can't go to bed-"

"Why are you still singing that?" I hear Harry say.

"It's one of the last things he said, or sung, to me."

"He'll be fine, you know that right?"

"No, I don't. Do you even know what hit him?"

"No, what?"

"A basketball." 

"That's not that bad!"

"Yeah, but it was Andrew that hit him, and Andrew hates him."

"Who's Andrew?"

"My ex-boyfriend. The one I cheated on with Lou."

"Well, do you know how hard it hit him?"

"You know, you could ask me." I hear a familiar voice say.

"Louis!" I run to him and give him a kiss. "When did you get up?"

"Just now."

"LOUIS!" All the boys run to him and give him a hug, followed by the girls.

"Hey guys, can you take it easy? My head still hurts, and I can't remember anything since the knife to my neck."

"Who held a knife to your neck?" Zayn asks. 

"Long story. I will explain everything later, when my headache goes away." The doctor has just walked in, and he kicks us out.

"Why did he kick us out? I wanna make sure that my Louis is actually okay." I start to pout.

"Would you calm down girl! He will be fine! They need to run some tests, then you can see him again!" Leslie says.

"Okay, okay!" I pout some more.

"Boohoo, whine some more, would you?" a familiar voice says again. Oh no.

"What are YOU doing here?" I say.

"I told you baby, I love you, and I take what I love."

"Um, I hate to interrupt, but who's that?" Liam asks, whispering to Grace.

"That's Andrew, Phoenix's ex." she says back.

"Look, I don't know what you want from me, but I suggest you walk away right now, before we pummel you like we did the first time you stood me up." I say to Andrew, and all the girls stand up before the boys join, ready to help us girls.

"You think I'm scared of a few girls and gay boys? B****, please!" He says. At that moment, Niall gets up and punches him in the face, hard enough to hurt him, but soft enough to leave him conscious and not to break anything.

"The only b-word a girl should be called is beautiful, so don't use that language in front of a girl!" he says. Then Katlyn says, "Yeah, so leave this beautiful girl alone! Or else we'll come after you!"

"Just as a friendly reminder of that, here's a present to help you go on your way." Zayn says, then he picks him up, kicks him in the balls, then leaves him on the ground, and walks away, followed by everyone else.

"Well, I'm not sure what that was about, but I just came to say he's fine and you can take him home as soon as possible. Just give him these antibiotics to help with headache when needed, and bring him back if anything unusual goes on." The doctor says.

"Thanks, doc." I say, and we head on home.


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