Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


22. My First Concert (Part 3)

"That's what makes you beautiful!" Harry and I finished.


Rehearsal was finally done. Now in two hours our concert would start. The nervous butterflies were settling in. My stomach was fluttering. I sat down to try to calm my stomach.


"Hey you okay?" Zayn asked me. He sat down next to me.


"Yeah." I replied. I lied.


"Mik. Don’t lie to me." Zayn said.


"Sorry. Well I'm nervous about tonight. Wait scratch that. I'm scared Zayn." I told him.


"Mik. There is no reason to be scared. We will be there for you the entire time. I will be there. Just don't worry." Zayn said.


"But what if they don't like me. What if I fall or humiliate myself? In front of who knows how many people? Zayn, I don't know if I can do this." I started to hyperventilate.


"Mik. Mik." Zayn interrupted me.


"What?" I said.


"You will do fine. You will be loved and fanned by everyone out there. They will love you. You are perfect. You are to me. And alot us." Zayn said quietly. He had a hold of my wrist. I looked into his eyes and saw nothing that said I'm lying. He was saying the truth.


"Thank you Zayn. You really think I'm perfect?" I asked him, trying to disguise the smile on my face.


Zayn blushed.


"Yeah. I mean we all do." Zayn said, trying to cover up his compliment.


"Thanks Zayn. I know I'm not supposed to do this but here. Thank you for being there for me." I said and kissed Zayn. On the cheek. (Ha-ha tricked ya)


I stood up and Zayn stood up too.


"Love ya, Zayn." I said.


"Love ya too, Mik" he said.


*Zayn's POV*


I'm so stupid. Why did I just say she was perfect? I felt my face heat up and I saw her trying to hide the smile on her face. Good I made her smile. Then she kissed me on the cheek. When she stood up so did I. I still felt her lips on my cheek. I loved her. I really did. But she belonged to Liam. She loved Liam. She doesn't love me. She also loves Harry. I need to tell someone. It was either Louis or Niall. I can't trust Harry because well he would tell Mikayla. Obviously not Liam. That was a given. I stayed in the room after she left. I still felt her lips. Soft and tender. She was perfect. I wanted her. I wanted her to be mine so bad. So bad it hurt. Allot.


*Mik’s POV*


I had a warm feeling going through my body after Zayn had said that I was perfect. I knew I was far from it but earing it made me feel better. Also knowing that he would always be there for me made me also feel good. Not like that! I mean like made me feel better than I was feeling before. I walked through the hallways randomly. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I just needed some time alone. I have hardly gotten any of that lately. Alone time is probably what I need.


I smiled as I thought about my new life. Honestly as I thought about it, my mother was the one who gave me all this. Without her, I would never be dating Liam, have Zayn as a best friend and have One Direction as my family. I owe all this to her. But she treats me like a pampered little brat. That I am not.


I sighed and then jumped out of my skin.


Here is the reason why:


Harry came up from the shadows and said, “HI" You don't do that to a girl.


"Jeez Hazz. Go ahead and kill me!" I said, sarcastically.


"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that." Harry said, and he put on a puppy dog face.


I couldn't stay mad at him for long.


"It's okay Hazz. You are forgiven." I laughed and hugged him.


"SO why are you here? Wandering the hallways aimlessly." he asked.


"I felt like I needed to get away from all the craziness." I explained.


"Oh by that do you mean Lou?" he asked me.


"No. I meant, well. I meant the way my life changed when you guys showed up. I mean you guys really did change my life and made it better. I am really grateful for that. But sometimes I wonder what it would be like if you guys never met me and I never met you." I said.


Harry was silent for the longest time. I patiently waited for his answer. I said almost everything I felt to him. Harry he was like my friend with benefits. Well kinda. I was loyal to Liam and Liam was loyal to me.


"Mik. You changed our lives. I know you did change mine. If it wasn't for you, I would probably be dead. You saved my life remember. Without you I wouldn’t have been here. I still feel bad about how I never talked to you or anything after the accident. I was scared you would hate me after what I did. I'm sorry. But, you also changed our lives. And we love you for that. You are like a little sister to us. Well not to Liam cause well you two are dating." Harry said the last part through gritted teeth.


I was silent. What Harry just said made me think of how their lives kind of changed when I showed up. They were crazy. I loved them with all my heart. They were my world now.


"Thanks Hazz. You always did know what to say to make me feel better." I said and gave Harry a big hug.


Harry wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me.


"Thanks Hazz again for being there for me. We better go get ready. I have a song to perform. And you have adoring fans to perform before. Plus your best friend." I said, smiling.


"SO do you after tonight. Mik." Harry said.


I smiled and we walked off to backstage to go meet all the back stagers.


Backstage, there were several fans waiting for Harry. Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam were already mobbed by fans. When Harry and I walked into the room, girls swarmed Harry and pushed me out of the way. I guess they didn’t know that a surprise guest ( was singing tonight.


"OMG!!! You are Liam's girlfriend! OMG!! Can I have your autograph?" a girl squealed.


I got a good look at the girl. She had brown hair and pretty eyes. She was shorter than me. I liked her.


"Sure. What's your name?" I asked her and took her pen and notebook.


"Erica! Erica Barnes. Thank you!" she said when I handed her back her notebook.


I signed it, “Mikayla Patterson." in fancy script. It was fun signing autographs. After Erica more girls started coming up to me and asking me who I was and what I was doing here. About an hour it was time for the concert to begin. Nerves settled in as we gathered in our huddle.


"Ok boys. And girl. Let’s do this!" Louis said.


"Got that right. Mik you will be awesome!" Zayn said.


"You will!" Liam said.


"I agree!" Niall said.


"You are the best!" Harry said.


"Thanks guys!" I said.


We broke our huddle and waited for the announcer to introduce us.




The boys ran out and I stayed backstage.


"Hey guys! How is everyone doing?" Harry said into his mike.


The crowd screamed. Over a thousand teenage girls and below some older showed up tonight. It was a mad house. I smiled as I read some posters they all had.


"Today is a special day because it is a certain person's birthday. We would like to bring out Mikayla Patterson from England." Harry said.


I took a deep breath and walked on to the stage. The crowds cheered and jeered. My heart thudded as I came up to stand next to Liam.


"Hey guys! I'm Mikayla. I am turning 18 today." I said into the mike.


"Yup. She is. Now she is a legal adult. Ha-ha. But the reason we brought her on stage is because well other than that she is Liam's girlfriend, she is performing here with us tonight. She is now the official sixth member of One Direction! Let’s give her a warm welcome!" Harry shouted.


The crowds literally cheered. I heard some extremely rude comments but I ignored them.


"Yup. I am now the sixth member of One Direction. Thanks guys. I am also singing a song today that I wrote and will be performing solo. SO you judge me on how well I do. Thank you everyone. The first song we will be performing tonight is I Want." I spoke into the mike.


We sang the songs and finally it was time for my time to shine.


I sat on the stool that Niall had brought out. I had my guitar and I began to strum.


I love you.


But you don't know


How I truly feel


And you will never know.


Because you are so high up


In your world.


To ever see


What’s in front of your eyes.


I want to,


Need to bring you down


From the clouds.


You are stuck up there


And obviously don’t even care


About the one in front of you.


I don't know if you love me


But I know- yeah


But I know I love you-oooo.


And I never will give up


On you-oooo


So don't let me go


Or you will never know


That I love you.


That I love you-oooo


Yeah yeah yeah


This started out fake


But it turned into something real


I don’t want anything to change


I just want it to stay right here.


My heart is yours


It always will be.


Every bit of it has your name written on it


And your name will never be erased.


I promise. Yeah.


I promise I promise that to you


I want to,


Need to bring you down


From the clouds.


You are stuck up there


And obviously don’t even care


About the one in front of you.


I don't know if you love me


But I know- yeah


But I know I love you-oooo.


And I never will give up


On you-oooo


So don't let me go


Or you will never know


That I love you.


That I love you-oooo


Yeah yeah yeah


Oh I love you


I Love you with all my heart


I want you to know that’s how I feel


And I want you


I need you to know that’s how I feel


So please let me bring you down


From your place so high up


In the clouds


Cause I need you to know


That I love you


And I will never give up


On you-ooo


So don’t ever


So never let me go


Oh oh oh oh


So never let me go." I sang.


I looked at the boys as I finished. They were staring at me in shock. Was I really that bad? Just then I realized the crowd was silent. Dead silent. Then chaos erupted. My eardrums just about burst. They cheered so loud I had to put in earplugs. This was crazy.


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