Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


44. Mikayla's POV- End of Jan.


Just to clear thing sup Its four days before Harry's birthday. This is in Mikayla's POV. Oh and please vote for meh! I need the votes badly and I'm entering this into the Watty Awards! So feedback and all would be nice along with votes! Oh and th most creative comment wins a dedication next chapter! Ok by my loverlies x




"Mik are you ready yet?" Lilly yelled at me from the front of our flat. It was that time. I was going to go see my boys!


"Yeah! In a minute. What time does our plane leave again?" I called.


"In two hours." she informed me.


"Then do pray tell me why we are leaving two hours earlier?" I yelled.


"Because we want to be early just in case." Lilly said, an exasperated tone in her voice.


"DOn't use that attitude I know you have Lils. I'll be down in ten." I called.


"Hurry up!" Lilly said and I didn't reply.


I sat down on my bed and looked at my near full suitcase. I was debating whether I should wear my white shorts and my v-neck red and white striped t-shirt or my blue sundress when I saw the perfect outfit. It also brought back some memories bad ones and good ones. I smiled when I spotted it in the back of my closet where I keep things I hardly ever wear or don't want to see again. I tore it out of my closet and put it on. I grabbed the necessary accessories that I always wear with this outfit and decided to just leave my hair down and I added a sweep of mascara to my eyes and left my make up simple. I took a quick look at my reflection and smiled. I looked just like I wanted to.


"You look amazing." a voice said and I felt hands wrap around my waist. I looked up and saw Nathan.


"Hey babe." I said.


"Hey Mik." he replied.


"SO you ready to go partay in the Caribbean? We are going to get so much sun and beach time I tell you!" I said, excitedly.


"I'm ready to go anywhere as long as I'm with you." Nathan told me softly.


"Thanks Nath. You are so sweet. That's what I like about you! But not just that." I added.


"Well I'm glad. SO are you ready? Have enough clothes?" Nathan asked pulling away from me and pointing at my three suitcases.


"Well one is for clothes and this one is for shoes and dressy clothes and this one is for other stuff that didn't fit in the other two and my carry on."I explained.


"Girls and their suitcases. Okay. Mikayla you can only have one suitcase. Pick out what you want and dump out the rest." Nathan instructed.


"But Nath!" I whined.


"No buts! Now! I'll help you!" Nathan responded.


"Fine!" I gave in.


*Thirty minutes later*


I was pouting on my bed. I was left with one suitcase and two carry ons. I had five pairs of shoes, not counting what I was already wearing. But I knew I was going to be buying a ton more any way. I had  pair of ankle boots, two pairs of sandals, a pair of TOMS, and a pair of black pumps. My clothes were another story. Nathan like put all of my clothes back and left me with one suitcase full of clothes instead of two. Nathan was just laughing at me.


"What?" I said defensively.


"Your face! It's hilarious." Nathan tried to say through his laughing.


"Well if you are a girl you know what you need. It's not nice to laugh at me!" I said.


"Your right. I'm sorry babe." he said and put on a straight face or at least tried to anyway.


I took one look at him and burst out laughing along with him.


"I'm sorry I laughed at you." Nathan apologized after we stopped laughing.


"It's ok. I still love you." I said and kissed him on the lips.


"Are you guys done making out or what?" Lilly shouted from below.




I heard something not far off of sounding like an elephant running up the stairs and slam through my door.


"You know Lills? For a small girl like you, you really do seem to make a whole bunch of noise." I commented when she appeared in my door way her red hair everywhere.


"Yes well that;s because I can if I want to. Now let's go we are going to be late!" she replied and grabbed a bag to take downstairs.


I grabbed my other carry on and Nathan being the manly man he is grabbed the suitcase from me when I tried to do it myself. I just sighed and shook my head with a small smile on my face. Boys will be boys. We grabbed everything and left the flat after checking to make sure we had everything. We probably did. It never fails. We arrived at the airport fairly quick. I mean there wasn't really a lot of traffic. Before we stepped outside of our limo, we slid on sunglasses and pulled up our hoodies. Lilly wasn't that well known but she has been seen out and about with me or Nathan. Nathan well he is in The Wanted and I am well I was in One Direction and am still an interviewer. So Nathan and I were well known and loved especially since we were a couple. I smiled as I remembered our first time meeting each other.




"Hey Mikayla!" Britt came running up to me once again on those incredibly high heels.


"What's up Britt?" I replied.


"SO new people coming in to interview. We need you to do this because our other one dropped out." she explained.


"Not another one! I just did one a few hours ago!" I complained.


"That's what you say every time. Now go get ready and be there in ten." Britt instructed me and I complied because she was my boss. Well sorta. I was technically the boss of everyone who worked at the station because it was my mother's station. But Britt took over for awhile and I let her stay like that until I felt like taking it back. I sighed and walked as slowly as possible to the dressing room.


I picked up my cue cards and sat down in my hot pink off the shoulder mini dress that was loose. I had on a pair of black pumps and my hair was twisted up into a fancy do on top of my head. I saw out of the corner of my eye five people walk by me and sit down. Five people. My head shot up and I saw the members of The Wanted. My heart beat slowed and I quit breathing fast. I thought it was well you know. Nathan was sitting right next to me. He kept glancing at me and winking which made me blush a whole bunch.


"Live in five!" shouted the director and pointed to me.


"Five, four, three, two" he called and I went to action.


"Hey I'm Mikayla Patterson well you all know me. I'm here on What You Want To Know About These Guys and What You Don't. Today with us is the British/Irish boy band The Wanted! Care to introduce yourselves boys?" I said enthusiastically.


"I'm Nathan Sykes." Nathan said and turned back to wink at me.


I blushed and got caught up in his gaze. The rest of them introduced themselves and I began the questioning. And the playing. It was hilarious and fun. Then Nathan had decided to lean over and kiss my cheek. My blush deepened and I giggled. THen a guilty feeling washed over me. I was still in love with Harry. Harry is my only true love. Or is he? I couldn't decide.


*End Flashback*


"Hey Mik? You okay?" Nathan's voice brought back to reality.


"Oh yeah. I am. Sorry got lost in my thoughts." I said.


"Well then come on. Our flight's leaving in an hour." Nathan replied and grabbed my hand.


We basically checked in our luggage and blasted through security without any fans recognizing us. Which helps put a lot. We made it to the gate and sat down to relax for a while. I couldn't.In just a few short hours I was going tobe in the Caribbean staying less than a mile away from my boys. My family. Harry's curls, Liam's kind eyes, Zayn's quiff, Niall's blond hair, Louis' love for carrots. Everything. I missed them so much it hurt even thinking about leaving again. But I knew I had to for Nathan and Lilly. My heart was beating fast with excitement and dread. I also didn't know how they would react to seeing me.I really wanted to meet their new girlfriends. I know Liam now had one, and Louis had Kylie still. Matty or Matira seemed like a sweet girl. I saw on the news that Zayn got himself a girl. She was stunning. And was Kayla Brookefield the girl who was Liam's fan at the Fan Day in New York City. Kayla was a sweet and amazing girl. She was also a dancer I heard.


"Flight 369 to the Caribbean Now Boarding."


Time to go! I couldn't speak at all. I was so excited and nervous and scared and guilty. I ended up falling asleep with my head on Nathan's shoulder.


"Mik! Wake up! You're gonna miss it!" Lilly's voice penetrated my dream with a talking tiger and a penguin. It was weird but I tend t have weird as can be dreams. I've had one where I was sitting down at the Ritz eating dinner with a Barracuda and an elephant seal who each had these huge mustaches on their face and they were always twirling the tips of the mustaches around their flippers.


I shot up and looked out the window. The Caribbean. Clear blue water stretched for miles. White sandy beaches cluttered with multi colored umbrellas and resorts were everywhere.


"Welcome to the Caribbean. Please remain seated until further notice." the lovely voice of the flight attendant spoke over the intercom.


"Welcome to the beach sweetie!" Nathan whispered into my ear.


I smiled and kissed his cheek.


"Thank you. You really don't know how much this means for you to be here with me. I love you Nathan." I whispered back.


"I know." he whispered back and pressed his lips into my hair.


I smiled and pulled away from him to hug Lilly who was staring out the window.


"Thanks Lills. Love you!" I almost shouted.


"Love you too Mik! I still can't believe I'm still sharing you with your boyfriend. I mean really? I have to share my girl with someone else! That's messed up Mikkie!" she replied, teasing me.


"Hey she's all yours!" Nathan protested and put his hands up in surrender.


"Thanks Nath. Leave me with the crazy girl who is sharing me." I thanked him sarcastically.


We just laughed at each other until we were told to shut up by some passengers.


Then we couldn't stop laughing because everything is funnier when you are not supposed to laugh. This act earned us a ton of dirty looks. About a half hour later we had gotten off the plane and had gotten our luggage. We were making our way to the car when I heard




Aw hell. I forgot my sunglasses and hoodie.


"Hey! Did you guys want something?" I said.


"Can I like have your autograph?" the girl squealed.


"Sure! Just keep it down please." I asked her.


"Okay. Here you go." the girl handed me a pen and her hoodie.


"What's your name love?" I asked.


"Brianna." she replied.


I signed her hoodie and handed her the pen back.


"Thank you!" Brianna said and scampered off. I needed to get the freak away from here before anymore unwanted fans came. Not that I don't love fans but sometimes they can be a hassle.


"There you are!" Lilly exclaimed when I stepped into the car.


"Sorry. Fan recognized me. Autograph." I explained.


"Oh! Okay. Well we are off to the hotel. We are staying at the resort just next to theirs.... and it's on the beach!" she added.


"Cool. Let's go!" I said, the jittery feeling coming back. My boys were here. They were here! But I couuldn't see all of them just yet. My phone buzzed and I picked it up to see I got a text from Liam.






I hit Reply.


















That last text gave me a weird feeling. Did the boys think I was staying for good? I hope not because if they did then I was going to have an extremely hard time leaving again. I can't pull what I did last time because they already know about that one.


"Hey are you okay? You have this weird look on your face." Nathan asked me.


"Yeah. Sorry. Just nervous about tomorrow." I replied and lied. Well half lied.


"Love you'll do fine! Especially with them there." he soothed me.


"I know. I know." I sighed.


"Then what are you worried about?" he asked.


"I don't know. I just am."


"Well that's not a reason. Worry about this. I'm going to stick my gum in your hair if you don't brighten up in five seconds." he threatened.


My eyes widened.


"You wouldn't!" I asked, shocked.


"Oh yes I would!" he replied and pulled out the gum in his mouth.


My hands went to my hair and I pulled it quickly into a bun and shoved my hood up on my Jack Wills hoodie I stole from Harry. It still smelled like him. I pulled my head into it just to get a better smell and to hide from the gum.


"I was just kidding! We are here Mik!" Nathan's voice laughed and I stuck my head out.


We were at this gorgeous hotel. It had a beach front view and everything was so just gorgeous. WE got our things and walked to the desk where we signed in and then went to the suite. Being an international pop star and a billionaire was quite handy when it cam to staying in hotels.Our suite was right at the top so it was basically like a penthouse. We all took one look at each other and ran for the bedrooms. I ran into the first one I saw which had  a huge canopy king size bed and a balcony right over the beach.


"This is my room!" I shouted not caring who heard me. I immediately got out a black bikini and slid it on after taking a long shower. I used a pair of cut off shorts that were once jeans and a see through top as a cover up.


"Hey! I'm going to go get some things. Be back soon!" I called and got no answer.


Well okay then. I walked out of the hotel to find the Starbucks.


I immediately saw him. Liam had on a white v-neck t shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. I saw him looking around for me so I decided to send him a text.














Liam looked up and turned around to face me.


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