Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


43. Kayla Meet Zayn


"Zayn, come on. Help me out here." I asked him for help.


i had ten bags of Italian take out. We had gotten back to the hotel and I was fumbling around trying to balance the bags of food and my key at the same time while Zayn just stood there on his phone.


"Oh. Sorry Harry. Here." he apologized and grabbed half of the bags and opened the door for me.


"Great. Oh I love you too mum! Miss you bye!" Liam said, frantically.


He was on the phone talking to someone and it was on speaker phone.


"Love you too Liam. Text me later. This is my number now but don't let anyone else have it just you." an all too familiar voice said quickly.


"Okay. I will. Love you. Bye" Liam said still covering up and switching it off speaker phone so I couldn't hear the rest.


He then ended the call and shared a look with Louis.


"Um. So why may I ask were you on the phone with her?" I asked, wanting to know.


"That wasn't her. It was Kylie's sister. We thought it was her too when we first heard her." Liam explained.


"Then why did you call her your mum and then she said to text her later and for no one else to have her number just you?" I asked, getting suspicious.


"It is a joke we play. We always call each other that." Liam said, his voice unsure.


"Fine. Don't tell me. I have food." I said, dropping the subject. I'll get it out of Louis later.


Niall rushed up and grabbed a bag and took out some pasta. He opened a container and grabbed a fork to start eating. We all sat down with the food of our choice and ate in front of the television when Mik's show came on.


It was an old rerun of her interviewing well what do you know? It was us! I could feel the boys' eyes on me and I nodded my head for them to keep it on this channel. They looked away but still glanced at me every so often. Mikayla was adorable then. She had no worry in the world. She looked awfully frightened though. You could tell by the frantic look in her eyes when she asked a question or was introducing us. But eventually she became relaxed and had a bit of fun with us. Her green eyes sparkled with laughter when she had asked Louis if he would save me or a carrot. I shook my head and smiled. I missed her a lot. A lot. Finally the program ended and a new show came on.


"Well that was awkward." Louis commented.


"Yup. I didn't realize how much of an actress this girl was. Or how much she enjoyed being around us." Liam replied.


"She was amazing. I miss her though. I really hope we get to see her again soon." Niall said.


"Even though I knew her for like three months and even then just barely she was a fun girl and always bright. She was always cheerful." Kylie added.


"She was a really great listener and always there for us when we had problems. And she was quirky too." Zayn added also.


"Mik was like every one of us. She was just like all of us in a way. She really was spectacular." I said, and felt a little bit happy. Maybe I was finally accepting she was gone. Maybe I was getting over her. I didn't know if that was a good thing.


We all finished our food and I excused myself to go take a shower.


*Liam's POV*


I watched as Harry left the room to go take a shower. I figured we had ten maybe fifteen minutes at the least before he came back. If he came back at all. Normally when he sees Mikayla he goes into a depression like state and won't talk. So I'm surprised he spoke at all after seeing her on television.


"SO what did you have to tell me? Niall texted me saying that you had a surprise for Harry but he can't know about it." Zayn asked me breaking my train of thought.


"Oh yeah. So while you two were gone you'll never believe who called." I started.


"Mikayla! She called you! What did she want? I never thought we were going to here from her again!" Zayn exclaimed.


"Shhh! Keep it down. Harry can't know! Especially since he is already on to us." I hushed Zayn.


"Sorry. So what did she want?" Zayn asked this time more quietly.


"Well she called to tell us she was going to be in the Caribbean the week of Harry's birthday and she wants to perform a few songs for Harry and then she has to go but she wants to see us all. She is going to be there in three days so are we. But we have to keep this a secret from him. That means no telling Harry at all or even hinting it Louis." I said, and turned to look at Louis.


"What?" Louis said innocently.


"I mean it Lou. You tell him and we are going to kick your arse. Especially Mik. Now not another word of this. She is going to text me her hotel and room. That's it. No more discussing this." I said and fell silent.


*Harry's POV*


"Hey Harry!" Kylie said at our Meet and Greet in Italy. It was our last one and we were kind of sad to leave Italy.


"Hey Kylie." I replied waving my hand.


"Well hey there. Wait a minute. You look familiar. Isn't your name Kayla?" I asked a girl who blocked my view from Kylie.


A beautiful girl who looked so much like Mikayla they could be sisters except she had brown curls instead of blond. But other than that they were basically sisters.


(Pic of Kayla to the right------------------------->)


Yeah it is. Remember me? I'm Kayla Brookefield from New York City. I live in Italy. I was just on vacation in NYC." Kayla said.


"Yeah! Didn't you fancy Zayn?" I asked her smiling cheekily.


"Yeah. I did." Kayla said and blushed.


"Hey it's ok. Zayn's Zayn. Do you still fancy him?" I asked her.


"Yes. I guess. Hey that rhymed." Kayla said, quietly.


"Well then let's go introduce you two. You two didn't have enough time that one day." I said and stood up. I led Kayla to Zayn. He was talking to a few fans along with Niall. Well Niall was doing most of the talking and Zayn was just nodding and saying yeah or answering any questions people asked him.


"Excuse me. But I need to borrow Zayn for a second." I said and grabbed Zayn's arm.


"What in the-Oh hey Harry." Zayn began then saw it was me.


"What do you want?" Zayn asked.


"I want you to meet someone. Zayn meet Kayla Brookefield. She was Liam's fan when we ha the fan day that Mikayla had came up with. Kayla this is Zayn." I introduced them.


"Hi. I'm Kayla. As you already heard. I probably already met you but I don't know if you remember me." Kayla said shyly.


"Hey Kayla. I remember you. How would I forget a beautiful girl like you?" Zayn said.


"Well I'm going to go somewhere and leave you two alone." I said and walked away. I left Kayla in good hands. I could tell Zayn also really liked Kayla also. I remember when he saw her at the fan day in New York City. I smiled to myself and walked over to where Liam was standing.


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