Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


28. Her Dream

***Mikayla’s POV***

My heart stopped. I felt my body die. Literally. I then lost all consciousness.

I opened my eyes to find Zayn standing over me. Worry was in his eyes.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to get up? You hit your head pretty hard. Are you ok?” he said.

“What? I thought I was in the hospital.” I said, confused.

“What? No. We are in the middle of the road. Get up before someone hits us.” Zayn said, bewildered.

“Oh. Ok.” I said and took his hand.

I was so confused. I had just died. Did that mean Zayn had died too and we were in some kind of heaven or something?

“Come here babe.” He said once we got to the other side of the road.

What did he just call me?

He pulled me towards him and kissed me. I melted. But it wasn’t like kissing Liam. Or Harry. It was different. It felt different. But I was going out with Liam. I loved Liam. But I also loved Harry and Zayn. Man I had to decide.

“What was that?” I said once we broke apart.

“What was that? It is a little obvious. It was a kiss. Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend?” Zayn asked me with a weird look on his face.

“Yeah but never mind.” I said and I shook my head.

This was so weird. So extremely weird.

“Hey where are the rest of the guys?” I asked.

“Who?” Zayn asked me.

“The rest of the guys. You know One Direction.” I said

This was even weirder. There was no way Zayn would ever forget about One Direction, and his best friends.

I got no answer from Zayn.

“You know Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis? Your best friends. My best friends.”

“I can’t believe you are bringing it up. That is supposed to be a hard subject to talk about. We broke up about a year ago. Because of you and Liam’s break up. Liam was so heartbroken he couldn’t be around you so he left. Then so did Harry and Louis. Then we all just fell apart.” Zayn answered. His voice turned hard.

One Direction broke up. Because of me and Liam’s break up. I never meant to hurt them! Or split them apart. I had to come back. I couldn’t let One Direction break up because of me. I thought hard about how I needed to get back. Back to my family and back to my home.

The scene in front of me faded. I was alive. I felt my heart start again. I felt blood begin to pump hard back into my system. My heart beat started out slow then increased to a very fast speed. 

I moaned in pain. The nurses apparently took out my morphine drip so I had no pain reliever. Great. Now I could lie here in pain for who knows how long. Great.  Just great.

I for some reason decided to say something that if I knew at the time would change my life forever; I would have never said it.

My mouth opened and moved on its own.

It said,” Zayn. I love you.”

Yeah. That was the worst thing to say with your boyfriend in the room and our first boyfriend too.

 I heard a gasp and someone ran in the room. My blonde haired Irish food loving Niall burst out something.

“Zayn’s alive! And you will never guess what he said!”

“Lemme guess, Mikayla I love you?” Liam’s bitter voice answered.

I wasn’t at all surprised by his tone. I knew I hurt him and I didn’t want to.

“Yeah… How did you know?” Niall asked.

“Mikayla here just said the same thing. Right as her heart restarted.” Liam said.

“Liam. I am so sorry.” Niall said.

I tuned out the rest of the conversation. I couldn’t hear my, or used to be mine, Liam. I felt terrible. After a while, I heard Liam walk out of the room. I didn’t think he was coming back. I sighed inside my head. Man when I wake up I am going to have a crap ton of explaining to do. And I mean a lot.

I didn’t want One Direction to split up. In fact I would rather die again than see them split. Especially since I just joined. If they split up I would lose my family. My new family. I couldn’t be with Liam anymore. I had already hurt him enough. Not Zayn. It wasn’t right. Not this way. Hopefully, he would have no recollection of what I said at the accident. If he did than that would be the best thing in the world. (Note the extreme input of sarcasm) I wanted desperately to apologize to Liam. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t even speak. I didn’t mean what I said. I didn’t want him to be mad at me let alone Zayn. Actually I would rather have him mad at me instead of Zayn. I love Liam. I really did but obviously, fate didn’t want us to be together. I just broke his heart. He won’t ever think of me the same as he did before. I didn’t cheat on him. In fact I wished I did. That would have been a lot better than what I did. I basically confessed my love for one of his band mates and best friends. I didn’t really love him the way he loved me. I was going to have to break his heart if he remembered. Again. Argh! My life was so complicated right now. This was probably the worst thing I have ever done in my life.

 It was worse than when I destroyed the tires on my mom’s cars. Except the ones I really liked. Those I hid the keys in my room. It was worse than when I switched her hair dye from the color her hair is now to platinum blonde.  Wait that wasn’t bad that was hilarious. She was platinum blonde for two months! Anyway, I felt horrible. And not because of the pain that was slowly growing larger and larger until it overwhelmed my body. No it wasn’t that type of pain. It was emotional pain. The kind that leaves you scarred for life. You can heal physical pain easily. Emotional not so much. It embeds in your brain and is impossible to remove.

For some reason my tired brain wandered to think of Aaron. Weird right?  He was cute and kind. And adorable. But he was nothing compared to my boys or what was left of my boys. Each one of them had unique qualities, that left them unforgettable. Harry with his like everything about him was special. Zayn with his loyalty and the bestest friend I ever had. Louis with his immaturitiness and his love to have fun. Niall with his love for food, Irishness, and his always looking on the bright side. Liam with his everything like Harry. I love all of them with all my heart. They made me want to smile if I could. I wanted to tell Liam I loved him. I wanted to explain. But I knew I lost Liam. He was gone. Our relationship would never be the same.



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