Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


41. Harry's POV- January

It had been one month after I found out Mikayla had been already in a relationship so shortly after she left. It broke me but I am trying so hard to get over this girl But Mikayla was branded into my mind. We were now in Italy and it was three weeks before my birthday. I was going to be turning 19. It was an exciting time. We had already gone to Japan so Italy was one step closer to a break. Not that we don't love performing and all but touring was tiring.


"Hey I'm going out. Anyone want to come with me?" asked Zayn.


"I'll go." I said and he looked at me surprised.


"I'll go with you two." Liam said, quickly before anyone could ask me why I was doing something I hadn't done in a long time.


"Ok. Well let's go. I'm leaving in ten." Zayn replied and walked off.


I walked up the stairs to my room. I looked at myself in my sweat pants and no shirt which was unusual for me because as you all know normally I'm in my boxers or naked. I stripped off my sweatpants and slid on a pair of dark wash jeans. A white t shirt and a blue blazer completed my look. I then ran a hand through my messy curls and walked downstairs to go wait for Zayn and Liam to join me. When they did, we left the hotel and hailed a taxi. Zayn told the driver some address and we drove off. The ride was silent except for the occasional questions from the driver and our simple answers. We pulled up to a club with lights and a bouncer and a velvet rope. Literally. It was crazy. I tried to read the name but it was in Italian and even though I could probably read it I didn't feel like it.


"Zayn. What's the name of this place?" I asked him.


"I have no idea. But let's go." he replied.


We climbed out of the car and walked up to the bouncer at the front. The guy stopped us and asked for our names.


"I'm Zayn Malik. Called earlier." Zayn told the bouncer.


THe guy said something and let us past. WE entered the club and I grinned. I haven't been to a place like this in ages. A full scale bar was stretched along one side of the room with tons and tons of girls and guys hitting on them. A dance floor with a DJ booth covered two thirds of the floor and then their was a section where there was tables and people eating and drinking at them.


"Brilliant idea Zayn." I told him.


"Thanks Harry. Now let's go party. WE all have some problems so let's drink." Zayn replied.


I smirked and walked up to the bar and ordered a round of shots for me and Zayn. Liam just a soda as usual. WE had about two more rounds after those and then I was feeling a little tipsy. I decided to go hit on some girls and maybe find one to dance with.


"Yo Zayn. I'm gonna go dance. Wanna join?" I asked an almost drunk Zayn.


He just shook his head and continued to speak to Liam about something. I walked slowly up to a table full of pretty girls and tapped the blond girl's shoulder. She looked up a little bit startled and then saw me. Her face went from confused to a flirty look which I found extremely hot. Well the alcohol did.


"Would you care to dance?" I asked her in the most sexy voice in could put on.


She smiled a half smile and giggled. She looked back at her friends and they giggled and nodded. She stood up and straightened out her black mini dress that made her look a little paler than she was. Her eyes were rimmed in black and bright red lipstick colored her lips. The word slut screamed at me but I ignored it and went on to dance with this girl. WE danced to fast tempos mostly and it wasn't the nice kind of dancing. It was a crazy, drunk dance. I spotted Zayn and Liam looking at me and I didn't mind. I was having fun. I missed these nights. Well sorta. Not the hangovers. Definitely not that.


"So you want a drink?" the girl asked me.


"Sure. What do you want? I got this." I said, and winked at her.


She giggled and blushed.


"Um I'll take a martini, dry please." she replied.


I ordered her drink and got myself a beer. The bartender gave us the drinks and I sipped my beer and she took a sip of her martini and shuddered.


"So what brings you to Italy?" the girl asked me.


"What makes you say that I'm not from here?" I asked her and smiled a little.


"Well for one you speak English and have a serious British accent." she replied, a little sarcastic.


"Well miss you are correct because I am indeed not from here." I replied.


"In that case where are you from?" she asked.


I still didn't know her name but I didn't feel like asking. I couldn't really think straight right now but I think that was the alcohol.


"I'm from England. I thought that was obvious." I teased her.


"I know. Just asking. SO what is your name?" she asked me.


"I'm Harry. And yours?" I replied.


"Jenna. Wait a minute aren't you Harry Styles? From the band One Direction?" she asked me.


Great now another person. Time to go before our cover was some what blown.


"Hey I have got to go. It was nice meeting you Jenna." I said my goodbye and walked quickly to where Zayn and Liam were still.


"Time to go. We got fans"  said Zayn and Liam got up and we walked out. I didn't want the night to be over so I walked a ways down the street with Zayn right next to me and Liam trailing behind us on his phone. I saw another club it looked like and pointed.


"Hey you wanna go there?" I asked Zayn.


"Sure. Why not?" he replied and we walked in.


Boy we were wrong. It wasn't a club or a bar. It was a strip club. But hey we were drunk so we didn't care. I don't think we would've if we weren't drunk anyways. I mean really if you think about it. Liam looked unsure about being here until he saw a girl and sat down at the bar where she was working. There were girls everywhere. On the tables, walking on the bar, serving people, and the bartenders. It was crazy. I loved it. A pretty blond was dancing in front of us and she had on a pair of black leather boy shorts that were so small you would've thought they were underwear, and a black bra. Knee high black stilettos completed the look. She danced on the bar and then after the song was over she hopped down and disappeared behind this curtain and so did a few other girls. Then a whole mess of new ones came out and I saw Liam's eyes glued to this brunette in front of us. She had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and was on the short side. But this girl had an amazing body. We watched her dance and do her thing and when the song was over she got off the bar and started talking to Liam. I smiled when I saw a light in Liam's eyes that only is there when he has a girl he really likes. Zayn and I were just sipping our drinks and talking quietly. Finally we left. Zayn and I were so drunk we could barely stand so Liam and that girl he was talking to helped us to the car. I leaned my pounding head against the cold window of the taxi and watched Liam trade numbers with the girl. Then he got in and we went back to the hotel. As soon as I got there and Liam helped us to our rooms with the help of Louis and Niall, I collapsed and fell asleep on the bed. My head was hurting immensely and I couldn't see, walk, or think straight.


I groaned when I opened my eyes to the bright sunlight. I shut my eyes again and covered my head with my duvet. Last night's outing was probably the drunkest I've gotten in a long time. I reached to my night stand and found and Advil. I popped it in my mouth and downed a glass of water. My head felt like someone was hitting it with a hammer repeatedly without stopping. I groaned again and leaned back onto my pillow. I sat there and let the medicine take effect. I ended up falling asleep again. The next time I woke up was when Liam was shaking me really hard.


"What do you want Liam?" I groaned without opening up my eyes.


"It's three. WE have rehearsal in four hours." Liam replied, dryly.


Shoot. Totally forgot that.


"Well that's great. I'll be ready in ten minutes." I said, eyes still shut.


"You better Harry. Now I gotta go wake up Zayn. God help me." Liam muttered.


I slowly opened y eyes and looked around my room I was currently staying in. It was a nice hotel with some nice features. We still hadn't hit the pool yet. Which is unusual because we normally always go to the pool the moment we arrive at a hotel. I got up and stretched. My head was feeling a little better but I was still hungover. Just not as much. I turned on the shower and let the hot water run over my body. It was a really good remedy after a hangover. When I finished showering I pulled on a pair of jeans and a Jack Wills t shirt then walked downstairs to go make something to eat. I pulled out some eggs, bacon, and some toast. I made a whole bunch of scrambled eggs, bacon, and a whole loaf of bread because I knew as soon as I sat down to eat Niall would be down within at least five minutes.


"I smell food." the Irishman's voice said from the doorway.


I waved my hand over the spread and he sat down and piled a plate full of food.


"Thanks Harry." he said, with his mouth full of food.


"No problem Niall, I was hungry. I figured you were too plus Zayn also. If he is even awake." I added.


"Well Liam is failing so I think we better go help him after we are done." Niall said.


I nodded and ate another mouthful of food. By the time we had finished and cleaned up, Liam still wasn't down but Louis and Kylie were. Kylie had traveled with us everywhere so far and she was very helpful and sweet. Louis found himself a good match. She was really pretty. Her dark hair was curly and when you looked into her eyes it was like you were drowning in black. She was a very pretty girl and was fun and spontaneous just like Louis. It also helped she was a doctor so she helped us out when we were sick or something. I smiled when they walked down the stairs hand in hand. I was happy for my best mate.


"Hey Louis. Hey Kylie." I said.


"Hey Harry. How's your head?" Kylie asked, turning all doctor like.


 "Good. Just a slight headache. But I'm fine." I replied.


"Ok. Let me know if it gets worse." she said.


"I will. So what are we doing in the two hours before rehearsal?" I asked.


"Well Liam has a date." Louis told me with a big grin on his face.


"Really? With who?" I asked, surprised.


"Well he won't tell us but I think it is with girl he met last night."  he informed me.


A girl he met last night? Hmmm well he didn't talk to anyone at the club so it must've been at the strip place. A brunette came into my mind. Oh. That's probably who Liam has a date with.


"i think her name it Matty short for Matira. I'm not sure. He met her last night at this club we went to." I confirmed.


"Oh. Okay. Well she is going to be here soon." Louis said.


Ok. Well what are we doing? Since Liam is going out." I asked again.


"I was thinking we could watch films or something low key because of our concert tonight." Louis said.


"That sounds good." I said.


"HARRY!" Zayn's angry voice yelled from upstairs.


What in the world?


Zayn appeared at the top of the stairs and was glaring at me. Niall came up behind him with a sheepish look on his face.


"Harry, did you break my mirror?" Zayn said, angrily.


"No! I haven't touched your mirror. Why would you think that?" I said, bewildered.


"Niall told me you broke it." Zayn replied, a look of confusion coming onto his features.


"Well I didn't. I think Niall just told you that to wake you up." I said, glaring at Niall.


Niall just grinned widely and looked away.


"Oh. Well then why did you wake me up?" Zayn asked turning to Niall.


"Because you need to wake up because rehearsal is in four now three hours." Liam answered coming up behind Zayn.


"Um Mr.Payne? A girl by the name of Matty or Matira is asking to come up here. She says she has a date with you? Is it all right ti send her up?" the PA system crackled overhead.


Liam walked to the door and pressed the button that would allow him to reply back.


"Yes. Send her up please." he said into the panel.


"She is on her way." it crackled then went silent.


"I'm going to be out for awhile bu tI'll meet you guys at rehearsal in three hours. Don't forget."Liam instructed us.


"Well do we get to meet this lovely Matira?" I asked cheekily.


"Maybe. But probably. She is my date so don't ruin this Harry." Liam answered.


"Just kidding mate. We will probably see her tonight anyway. You know at the concert? You did set her up with tickets for our concert tonight?" I said, exasperated.


"Of course I did. Oh here she is." Liam said, right as a knock on the door sounded.


Liam walked up and opened the door to reveal the girl I remembered. With more clothes on. The other night she was just wearing a pair of blue boy shorts, a black bra, and fishnet suspender style tights. Well with a pair of black stilettos.


"Hey Matira! Nice to see you more fully clothed!" I blurted out on accident. You see sometimes the filter between my mouth and brain doesn't work right.


Liam shot me a dirty look while Maddy blushed a beet red.


"Sorry. I tend to speak without thinking about it. I'm Harry by the way." I apologized and stuck out my hand.


"It's ok. My name is Matira Westfield but you can call me Matty" she said and took my hand and shook it.


Matira was wearing a blue sundress that fell down to her knees and a pair of white gladiator sandals. Her hair was down and it fell to her shoulders. She had pretty brown eyes and a sweet face.


"Nice to meet you." I smiled.


"Nice to meet you too." Matty smiled back and I dropped her hand.


I dropped her hand because Liam was glaring at me like I was the devil. I shot a smirk near his way and he glared at me some more.


I laughed and said,"Well I'll see you two later. Have fun on your date and see you two at the concert tonight!"


"Thanks. See ya later Harry. And all you boys." Matty said and took Liam's hand.


They walked out the door and I shut it behind them. So two down three to go. Liam and Louis have girlfriends and then Zayn, Niall, and I don't. Great.


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