Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


1. Crashing into Harry

"Mikayla Patterson here, with the 5 o'clock news." the T.V. blared.

 Oh I hate that woman. She was so stuck up and snobby. I hated it when people compared me to her. Oh yeah did I mention that it was my mother. Yeah I hated my mother. She was just argh.


My name is Mikayla Alexandra Patterson. Most people call my Alex or Lex. I don't like being called my mother's name. It makes me fell like I have to live up to her. I couldn't wait to move out. I was 18 years old.


I stood outside of the studio where my mother was giving the news of the day. People loved her everywhere. It seemed like I was the only one who hated her.


"So tune in tomorrow where I get to interview- ONE DIRECTION!!!" my mom yelled.


My heart beat faster and I felt myself starting the fan girl. Inside my head I was jumping up and down and screaming my head off. On the outside, I was calm cool and collected. I watched my mother end the program.


"SO Mikayla how did you enjoy the show today?" my mother said.


I gave her a dirty look.


"I see you did. So you are definitely coming tomorrow. I want you to meet One Direction. I know you love them." my mom said.


I groaned and said, “Mom don't embarrass me."


"Oh I never embarrass you. I just tell the truth." Mom said.


"Yes you do. I'll make a deal with you. If you don't mention or embarrass me at all tomorrow I'll wear a dress and heels tomorrow." I said, sighing.


I hate dresses. They make me feel insecure about myself. I looked up at my mom who was towering over me with her sky high stilettoes. Her face lit up and she stuck out her hand.


"Deal!" she said and then walked away.


"Bye mom!" I said waving my hand.


As soon as she turned away I flicked her off and grinned to myself. I walked up to Kyle.


"Hey Kyle. What's up?" I said and watched him jump.


Kyle had a major crush on me. He just didn't know I knew. Kyle's face turned a shade of red that almost blinded me.


"N-nothing." Kyle said.


"Oh really? So you know when One Direction was coming?" I asked him and watched his face fall.


He shook his head.


"Oh." I said and then gave him a hug. "It was nice seeing you, Kyle." I said.


“Nice to see you too." Kyle stuttered.


I waved goodbye. Time to go find my mom.


I found her downstairs making out with the producer. I was disgusted. This was just downright nasty. I cleared my throat, very loud.


"AHEM!!" I said. They still didn't break apart.


"AHEM!!!" I screamed. They broke apart and gave me a nasty look.


Mason the producer blushed like mad.


"You know what? I'll just find my own ride or I'll just grab your keys and take the car." I said and walked over to my mom and took the keys from her.


 I walked down to the parking lot and clicked the keys. I had no idea what car my mom had so I just clicked the keys and the lights of a silver Maserati Spyder filled the parking lot. Oh yeah. This one was my favorite car out of all twenty my mother owned.


I drove home and collapsed on my bed.


*The next morning*


"Mikayla Alexandra Patterson! Wake up! NOW!" a voice screamed in my ear.


I shot out of bed. I was in my room that was filled with like thousands of One Direction posters. I thought I was in a bowling alley with a penguin. Or at least that's where I was in my dreams.


"I'm up mom!" I said, exasperated.


"Don’t forget you are wearing a dress today with heels." my mom said.


"Yes I know." I said rolling my eyes.


I walked over to my walk in closet. I picked out a dress. It was midnight blue and was a sundress. It fell down to my knees. I chose a pair of black wedges. I also picked out a pair of tight ripped jeans and a Kiss Me I'm Irish t-shirt. I shoved that into my backpack and changed quickly into my dress.


"You look good. Now let’s go." my mom said and pulled my arm towards the garage.


A few minutes later, we were in the studio and my mom was screaming at some random person for spilling water on her. See what I mean for stuck up and snobby. She was a freaking b****.


I walked over and helped the girl who spilled the water clean it up. When I stood up, I crashed into someone and fell down.


"Oh I am so sorry. I didn't mean to ru-" I stopped short when I was Harry Styles from One Direction. "It's okay. It's my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going. Oh and hi. I'm Harry Styles." he said and stuck out a hand to help me up. I took it and he pulled me up.


Oh My Freaking God. I just touched Harry Styles from One Direction's hand. He was talking to me. OMG OMG OMG OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! I was totally fangirling inside. But I couldn't let him know that.


"Hi! I'm Mikayla Patterson. But everyone calls me Alex except my mother." I said. 


"Well Hi Ms. Mikayla Patterson, but everyone calls you Alex except your mother." Harry said. I smiled and shook my head. My dark chocolate curls bounced around my head. I forgot to straighten it this morning.


"SO-" Harry began but was interrupted by my mom's producer yelling, "On in five."


Harry looked at me and I said, “GO on!" I motioned for him to go.


He smiled and ran away. OMG did I just meet Harry Styles I fangirled inside of my head.


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