Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


52. Back to Business

"Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for....ONE DIRECTION!" the announcer yelled into the hand held mic he was holding. The stage was dark and we were standing behind our standing mics. I was on stage with them. Tonight I was officially the sixth member of One Direction. I was standing in the middle kind of. Harry was on my right then Louis then Zayn. On my left was Liam and Niall. As the crowd screamed, the spotlights started to go on. The first one hit Niall. Then one went to Zayn. Then Liam, then Louis, then Harry. The one that was going to be focused on me wen ton a bit after Harry's went on. The fans saw me and looked confused. Then screaming filled the stadium. I smiled and leaned forward.


"Hello Los Angeles! Remember me?" I spoke into the black mic in front of me.


"YES!" the crowd screamed.


"Good. That saves me from an introduction. Now I know you aren't here to see me but to see these wonderful and amazayn boys right next to me." I said and they screamed in reply.


"That's what I thought. Here we go!" I said and the opening music for One Thing started up. Fans yelled and fanned out. They were going crazy. I sang with each one of the boys. I left some parts for themselves so it wasn't entirely accompanied. We ended up singing More Than This, Up All Night, Gotta Be You, Same Mistakes, Taken, and Moments.


"Ladies, this one is for you. For the ones who don't feel special or the ones who don't think they are beautiful." Harry spoke breathlessly.


We all were sweaty and tired but ecstatic. This was always exciting and just downright fun. The opening notes for What Makes You Beautiful started up. This was always the song that got the crowds went crazy for. After this song, we ran off stage to go change into some new unsweaty clothes. After a few minutes we all ran back out and answered some questions on Twitter. My favorite was one where a question popped up and a fan asked Harry to marry her. He agrees. Just kidding.


"Thank you Los Angeles!" we all chorused and ran off after we were done answering questions.


"So you guys think the fans are happy to see me again?" I asked them after we huddled up after running off stage.


"Well I think they are." Zayn replied, looking at me like I was stupid.


"Hey! Just voicing my thoughts!" I defended myself.


"Mik that was amazing!" Kayla said and ran up to me.


"Hey girl! I didn't know you were here! I should've though." I said surprised. I thought the other girls were staying back.


"Well I came to support you the other girls stayed back to watch you all on T.V." she replied pulling me into a hug.


"Well I appreciate it. It is such a thrill getting back on stage again. I missed it." I told her.


"That's great! I wish I had the confidence you have. I could never do that in front of all those people." she said, and grinned.


"Neither did I but you never know until you try. You know who helped me with it?" I said recalling my first concert.




"Zayn. He helped through the time around my first concert. I was so nervous and shaking and everything. But he helped me out. But don't worry I won't take him from you. I have Harry." I teased when she opened her mouth to say something about him helping me.


"I wasn't going to say that!" Kayla lied.


"Yeah huh. Sure you weren't. Kay you don't have to lie to me. I'm shocked." I said and laughed at her face.


"Shut up! I'm going to go talk to my boyfriend." Kayla pushed me and went to go say hi to Zayn. I smiled when she kissed him and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.


"So you ready to go to sleep?" Liam's voice came from behind me.


"Nope. I probably won't be able to sleep for a week." I said and turned to face Liam.


Liam laughed and pulled me into a hug.


"I'm sure you will. Just give it time. Now come on we have to leave. Time to go back to the hotel." he said and I broke the hug but kept one arm wrapped around his torso. His arm was around my shoulder and we were walking like idiots. Niall and Louis joined us so we were in one line walking crazily. Like the boys walked in the One Thing music video. We got through the mob of fans and got to the car unharmed. Well sort of. I had my scarf stolen and I let the fan keep it. It be too much hassle to try and get it back. The car ride back to the hotel was fun. We talked, laughed, and ate some of the food in the limo.


"Okay guys, I'm going upstairs to change into something more comfortable." I said and they waved at me. We were downstairs in the private bar but not drinking alcohol. We were drinking other drinks. I opened the elevator and rode it up to our suite. Opening the door, I heard something. It was coming from Matty's room. This isn't right. The other girls were in the guy's suite. I walked up to Matty's room and saw a tie on the door. Anger flooded through me. She was cheating on Liam! I opened the door and saw Matty with some other guy. I shut it quickly and heard the two people startle. Then footsteps. I was on my way to my room and threw on some sweats and a tank top. Then I slipped on my TOMS and started to walk away. I had to tell Liam.


"Mik wait!" Matty said from behind me.


"No! I don't want to hear it. You cheated on my best friend. I don't want to talk to you. Start packing your stuff. You aren't part of this family anymore." I growled and opened hte door to the suite and slammed it.


The boys immediately knew something was wrong when they saw my face.


"Mik what's wrong?" Harry asked me.


"I have to talk to Liam in private. Please?" I asked Liam, barely containing my anger.


"Yeah sure." Liam said uncertain.


My heart broke. I couldn't tell him this. But I had to for his own good. But this was going to break his heart. I led him to a room with no one in it.


"Ok tell me why you brought me in here." Liam said sitting on a table.


"Liam I saw Matty cheating on you. She was with some other guy upstairs. I'm so sorry. I really am." I stuttered.


Liam's face fell. I could literally see his heart break.


"I'm so sorry Liam. I really am." I whispered and stepped forward to hug him. I wrapped my arms around him and I felt his come up hesitantly then they squeezed me tight. I felt him bury his face in my shoulder. I felt water sinking into my tank top.


"Liam I'm- I'm so so sorry. I'm here for you okay? Just talk to me if you need to." I whispered.


The door burst open. Matty was standing there dressed and a suitcase beside her.


"I came to say bye Liam. So I guess this is it. I'll see you around. Oh and I'm sorry but I had too." Matty said and then she turned around and left. That was the last time we would ever be seeing her. Liam had moved himself away from me and was staring at the door where Matty had stood. A hurt and disbelieving look was in his eyes and I went back over to sit by him.


"I loved her. Mik I really did." Liam said, his voice hollow.


"I know Li. I know." was all I said.


He didn't say anything else. I sat there with him and he had his head on my shoulder. I hummed random songs out loud trying to get hi to think of something other than Matty. Eventually, I looked at my watch and saw it was 11:00.


"Liam do you want me to stay with you tonight?" I asked him.


He nodded and I stood up. I held my hand out to him and he took it. We walked out of the room and the guys were still there but the girls had joined them. Harry noticed me and walked over.


"Is everything okay?" he said in a low voice.


"No. Matty cheated on Liam and now she's gone. I'm staying with Liam tonight. Don't worry nothing will happen. I promise. Please let me do this. He needs someone." I replied, speaking quietly.


"Mik I don't like the thought of you-" Harry started and I cut him off.


"Harry, he needs someone and I'm here for him. I love you don't worry. I promise and swear nothing will happen. Trust me." I whispered.


Harry didn't say anything. Then he nodded.


"Thanks Hazz." I whispered and kissed him real quick. Then I walked with Liam to the suite he and the boys had.


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