Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


51. Arriving in Los Angeles

"Welcome to Los Angeles. Please wait until the seat belt sign is turned off to unbuckle. We will be landing in five minutes." the voice of the flight attendant crackled over the intercom.


I looked over at my family. To my right was Harry, then Zayn, then Kayla. To my left was the window of the plane. Behind me was Louis, Kylie, Liam and Matty. Then across the aisle was Niall and Lilly. I smiled every time I saw them sitting together. I knew they would make a great couple. I felt eyes on me and noticed Harry smirking at me.


"What?" I said when he kept staring.


"Nothing! Just admiring the beautiful person sitting next to me." he replied.


"Why thank you Harry. Didn't know you felt that way." Zayn said, grinning.


"Shut up you idiot. You know damn well I was talking about Mik." Harry grinned and pushed Zayn away.


I just sat there laughing and shaking my head. Harry turned back to me after some what play fighting with Zayn. His curls were in his face. I reached up and brushed them out of his eyes.


"As you were saying?" I said and sat back in my first class airplane seat. It had it's perks dating a international pop star, being best friends with the other four in the same band as your boyfriend, and being part of the same band with my boyfriend and my four best friends. Just to sum up my life right now.


"I was saying before Zayn over here interrupted I wasn't doing anything but admiring my beautiful GIRL friend." he replied emphasizing the girl in girlfriend. I giggled and gave him a peck on the cheek.


"Thank you Harry. Now can we get off this damn plane? I'm about to die from not being able to stretch my legs." I commented after I pulled away from Harry.


"Well if you insisted on taking the side with the least leg room you wouldn't have that problem would you?" Zayn replied to me.


"Well you all have longer legs than mine. It made sense to let you all have the most leg room!" I defended my decision.


"Don't worry about us!" Zayn teased me.


"Well someone has to don't they?" I muttered under my breath.


"What was that? I didn't quite catch it." Zayn said and grinned at me.


I punched him in the shoulder leaning over my boyfriend to get to him. Zayn leaned away as I went to grab him again. I struggled to get to him and he was just laughing.


"Kay! Help me!" I asked my other best friend who happened to be Zayn's girlfriend.


"Gotcha covered girlfriend." she replied to me and pushed Zayn towards me.


I took my hand and ran it through Zayn's hair messing it up. He cowered after I was done screwing with his hair. I laughed and shook my head. Zayn looked defeated.


"THat's what you get for messing with me." I commented and fell silent when the flight attendant came by. She took one look at us and started to freak out. Oh lord. Not again. We already had a flight attendant do this on this flight.


"Oh My God. You're-" she started and I cut her off.


"One Direction. Please keep it down. We have had a long flight. Please. What can we get you?" I sighed.


"Ok. Can I get an autograph? From all of you?" she asked excitedly.


I looked at Harry and Zayn and the shrugged. My call. Ah what the heck.


"Sure. DO you have something for us to sign?" I asked her.


"Oh yeah of course. here." she said and handed us a napkin and a pen.


I took it from her and signed my name. Then Harry took it signed it and passed it to Zayn. It went on like that until everyone of us including all the girlfriends had signed it too. By the time we got it back the napkin was covered in writing. The girl just about fainted.


"Here you go!" I said a bit cheerful.


"Thanks! Thank you so much. Can I get you guys anything before we land?" the girl said.


"No I think we are good." Zayn said and she nodded and went on her way looking a bit dazed.


I locked eyes with Liam who had turned around to watch our little exchange with this girl. His eyes were filled with laughter and I mouthed "Shut Up!" That just caused him to start actually laughing. I kicked his seat and then stuck my tongue out at him. Just then the plane started to land. You know that feeling when the plane is going down then up down then up? That's what it felt like well because obviously we were on a plane but it gave me a headache. I groaned quietly and put a hand on my forehead. Harry noticed and rubbed my shoulders.


"Thanks Hazz. I'm fine. I think." I added.


He didn't say anything but he placed his lips on my cheek. I smiled and leaned on his shoulder. It helped my head a little but it was still hurting. Ugh. My head always hurts when I'm on a plane when it's landing or taking off.


"Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Los Angeles, California. Please wait until the seat belt signs are off before you unbuckle. Thank you for riding with Jet Blue Airlines." the captain's voice which crackled through the PA system.


I watched the seat belt light intensely not breaking concentration. I glared at it willing it to turn off. It seemed like hours until it finally turned off. When it turned off, I shot out of the seat and pushed Harry, Zayn, and Kayla out of their seats to get out of mine. I despised planes. Well I loved flying it was just the landing and taking off that I hated.


We got off the plane,  and through baggage claim with no problem. Just a few fans here and there. Which considering some things they've been through was pretty good.  I pulled my hot pink suitcases along in my hands and arrived at the car waiting for us. Well I can't say car because we never rod ein cars. It was almost always a limo. Not to sound snooty.


"SO how did you all enjoy the flight?" I asked everyone once we had gathered the crew.


"It was fine. I slept the entire time." Lilly replied to me yawning to prove it.


I watched random movies while this annoying boy kicked the back of my seat the whole time." Kylie told me with a grimace.


"That must have sucked." I sympathized.


"It did. Louis here was no help. He just laughed the entire time." Kylie replied dryly nudging Louis.


I looked at Louis in fake shock. I wasn't surprised that he laughed.


"Louis! How dare you?" I said shaking my finger at him sternly.


"Oh she knows I love her no matter what I do." Louis said, laughing.


"Well Mik here jacked up my hair and I know officially declare umm Lilly as my new best friend. Sorry Mik." Zayn spoke up, grumpily.


"Great thanks Zayn. Now I'm going to cry in the corner." I told him.


"No don't! You know you could never be replaced." Zayn said quickly.


"Good." I said and leaned back. I saw Zayn lean over to Lilly and whisper not so quietly,"You are my new bestie."


"I heard that!" I said and shook my head when Zayn jumped, well fake jumped.


The rest of the ride to the hotel where we were going was uneventful. Just us ten people exhausted and jet lagged. We arrived at the Marriott and got our room keys. I was sharing with the girls and the guys were sharing one. This should be interesting.


"I. Am. So. Tired." I said and collapsed on the couch in the suite.


"Preaching to the choir sister." Lilly said and plopped down on top of me.


"Thanks Lills. I really wanted to be a cushion for your butt." I groaned under her.


"Well I'm happy I could help you achieve your dreams." she said.


"Normally people would get off of someone after the recognize the sarcasm in that sentence." I commented.


"Well I'm not normal am I?" she retorted.


"Nope." with that I pushed her off of me and she landed on the floor with a thump.


"Ow!" she protested.


"Serves you right!" I told her and walked off to go put my suitcases in the room I was gonna share with someone. Or two someones depending on which room I wanted. I opened the first door and came into the room with three beds. I went straight to the one closest to the door. I plopped down my suitcase and started to make myself at home. L.A. was going to host us for three days. Then home. To London.


After I finished making myself at home, I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep.


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