Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


65. Another Arguement

*Harry’s POV*

I had gone down to get some food. I had been avoiding everyone for the day. I couldn’t believe the girl I had fought so hard for is gone. She’s gone. I didn’t understand how things between us never worked out.  I grabbed water and turned around to see a whirl of blonde hair and polar bear pajama pants.

“Mikayla wait!” I called and grabbed her arm right before she walked out.

She regarded me with a cold expression. My face fell and I felt my pain in my chest.

“Mik-I-“ I started to say, not exactly sure what I wanted to say before she cut me off.

“My name is Mikayla. Not Mik.” She said, her tone cold and unpleasant.

I dropped her arm and she pulled it towards her body. For some reason anger started blooming in me

“Fine. Mikayla.” I said through gritted teeth.  Mikayla’s face showed signs of shock and surprise.

“What’s your problem?” she retorted.

“You. No matter what happens you always seem to find a way to ruin them.” I told her, and instantly regretted it.

Mikayla’s face hardened and I knew I hit her weak spot. I didn’t mean to. It had just slipped out. I felt horrible.

“I cannot believe that you just said that Mr. Harry Edward Styles.” She said, her voice cracking.

“Well you better believe it. I did it.” I replied, and felt a deeper pain in my chest. Every time I said something horrible, it got worse. I didn’t know why I just didn’t stop.

“I don’t even know what I saw in you. You’re just a jerk, a douche, an ass, and everything that I thought you weren’t. I honestly don’t know what I saw in you.” Mikayla spat and spun around.

I watched as she left the room and disappeared.

“Mik? What’s wrong?” I heard Liam say. I gritted my teeth as I heard his name. Liam was always there when I wasn’t. He never did anything wrong in her eyes. Maybe she was better off with him.

“Just leave me alone.” I heard her cry and then the door slam.  Not a minute later, Louis came in and stared at me. I felt so guilty so so guilty. I shouldn’t have said that. I really shouldn’t have.

“What did you just do to her?” Louis said, tapping his foot impatiently.

“WE both might have said some things.” I said, sheepishly.

“Like what? What did you say and what did she say? That girl is not talking to anyone, not even Liam. She ran out of the apartment tears running down her face. Harry we need to fix this soon.” Louis told me and I looked away from his accusing eyes.

“I might have told her that no matter what she does she always seems to ruin things. And she called me a douche, a jerk, and an ass. And she doesn’t know what she even saw in me.” I told him, not looking at him at all.

Louis didn’t say anything for a long time. I finally had the courage to look up at him and he was just staring at me in disbelief and shock.

“Lou I know I was wrong. I was mad. I regret that with all my hard. You don’t know how much I want to take back everything I said. But what’s done is done. I’m never getting her back. It’s no use.” I said, and pushed past Louis to get back to my room of solitude.

*Mikayla’s POV*

I slammed the door to Lou’s flat, making myself jump at the noise. Tears were pouring down my face and I ran to my flat. My face became buried in a pillow on my bed. I just couldn’t do it. This was too hard. I wasn’t going to talk to Harry anymore. I wasn’t going to see him anymore. I would break down to pieces if I did.

*A month later- still in Mikayla’s POV*

“Liam!” I squealed and ran to hug my best friend. Liam and I had grown incredibly close over the past month.

“Hey Mik!” he chuckled and hugged me.

“I missed you! So much!” I said and broke away keeping my arm linked with his.

Someone cleared their throat and I jumped. I looked behind Liam and saw Zoey standing there with a smile on her face.

“Hey Z!” I said and waved.

“Hey Mik.” Zoey said, and linked her arm with Liam’s other one.

“Mik, I’d like to introduce my new girlfriend Zoey Jacobs.” Liam said proudly.

“Oh shut up!” Zoey said a blush forming.

“Oh my gosh! You guys are dating? That’s so awesome! Congrats.” I said, happily.

Liam nodded and pulled Zoey closer to him.

“I guess that might have been a bit awkward for you.” I said, realizing I just hugged her boyfriend.

“Not really. I mean I know he’s mine.” Zoey said and kissed Liam’s cheek. Liam blushed and I laughed.

“Well okay then. I missed you all!” I said again.

“We missed you too!” Liam and Zoey said at the same time.

I had gone on a short vacation to visit some relatives and some old friends. I took a month doing all that. I told the boys that I wanted to get in touch with my relatives and old friends, but I think they all knew the real reason I left for a while. I needed some space away from all this drama.

“How’s everything?” I asked, wanting to know what’s been going on. I mean I kept in touch with them, texting, Skyping, calling, all that jazz.  There was some stuff I never asked about and they never mentioned.

“Well Kylie and Louis have finally decided on their wedding date. It’s going to be on the twentieth of June.” Liam told me.

“Finally! They have been putting it off forever. It’s like they don’t even want to get married. So who is going to be who?” I asked Liam, considering I haven’t’ been around for anything in the past month.

“Well it’s going to be at this beach, and Kylie wants you to be her maid of honor because you are the one who set her and Louis up. She also wants Kayla, Lilly, and now Zoey to be her bridesmaids.” Liam explained to me.

“Yeah! I’m gonna be the maid of honor!” I exclaimed in happiness.

“Yes. Yes you are.” Liam chuckled and held out his hand to say he wasn’t finished.

“Louis wants Niall, Zayn, and I to be his groomsmen.” Liam said, hesitant to continue.

“Continue?” I said, gesturing him to go on.

“And Harry is going to be his Best man. They also want to do this thing were the best man and maid of honor get to dance together. Along with the groomsmen and bridesmaids. That’s after their dance at the reception.” Liam said, looking at me in concern as the information sank in.

Great. I have to dance with someone that I’ve been avoiding all month long. Who happened to be my ex-boyfriend. The one I caught cheating on me along with me cheating on him. Life was just a bitch. But I left for a reason and now I think I can handle it.

“Liam, I can handle that. I’ll be fine.” I reassured him.

“Are you sure?” Liam asked, worried.

“Yes. I’m sure. That’s why I went away isn’t it?” I said, and pulled out my phone which had buzzed on an incoming message.



I chuckled and replied to him.



“Guys I might want to head up before I start getting hate messages from Louis. He just told me to hurry up and that they all are dying to see me.” I told them, and Zoey laughed.

“There’s the Lou we all know. He’s been trying to be serious. Well seriouser lately. “ Zoey explained.

“Did you just say seriouser?” I asked her, chuckling at the word.

“Yep and I’m proud of it.” Zoey defended putting her hands on her hips.

“Hey I wasn’t criticizing or anything. I was just wondering!” I said and started to walk inside the flat building where my friends were waiting.

Liam and Zoey followed me up, talking quietly about something during the elevator ride. I didn’t pay attention. I was thinking about what was going to happen in the next few days. It was only a week away from their wedding. I’d have to muster enough courage to even look at Harry. He had broken me so much after he said those words. I knew I hurt him to after I called him a jerk, and ass, and a douche or whatever. I knew what I saw in him and I wasn’t about to let him go. But he said that I ruin everything so no way was I going to let him hurt me like that. I never heard from Harry after that. No calls, texts or anything. And I was fine with that. Or I kept telling myself it. It hurt me every time I checked my phone to see that the curly haired boy hadn’t tried to contact me.

“Uh Mik? Are you going to stand there with the door open or are you going to leave the elevator?” Liam asked me, waving a hand in front of my face.

I blinked a few times and shook my head. Sure enough the elevator door was open and I was staring right at it.

“Oh sorry. Lost in my thoughts. Not the best place to be right now.” I said, and stepped out pulling my suitcase along. Liam and Zoey went on to Louis flat while I went to mine to drop off my suitcase. I then went up to Louis’ and Kylie’s flat.

“Hey guys!”  I said, when I opened the door.

“MIKAYLA!” my name was screamed so loud I swear it burst my eardrums.

“Hi you guys! I missed you all so much.” I said, hugging them. Apparently that wouldn’t do, because I was pulled into a huge hug fest in which I was squished in between Niall, Louis, and Zayn and the girls hugging me also.

“Ok can’t breathe here.” I choked out.

They all pulled back, grinning from ear to ear.

“What are you all smiling at?” I asked them.

“Oh nothing. Oh my gosh, look at the time. Kylie let’s go we have to meet with some people.” Louis said and pulled Kylie up to leave the flat.

“Oh. Bye you guys!” I said, disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to talk to them as soon as I got back.

“We have to get going also. Come on Lills.” Niall said and hurried out of the flat.

Ok now I was suspicious. I watched as Niall and Lilly left and then Zayn and Kayla snuck out with them. Now all that was left was Liam. I didn’t see Zoey anywhere.

“Come on! Please!” I heard her voice coming from up the stairs. What the heck was this girl doing? Then the person I was trying so hard to avoid appeared and Zoey pushing him forward. Liam grabbed my arm as I tried to squirm away and pulled me into the spare bedroom. Zoey pushed Harry in and shut the door. I heard the lock click and I began to pound like a maniac on the door.

“It’s no use. They’re not going to let us out.” Harry’s voice said from across the room.

“He’s right! We aren’t going to let you out until you guys make up!” Liam shouted and then I heard another door being shut. Great they left the flat.

I turned around to glare at the curly haired boy who I had once and maybe still did love.







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