Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


38. After She Walks Away

Mik loved me. She loved me but she left me. What's that all about? I took one look at my friends and grabbed my keys. Ignoring the protests and questions, I left the hotel and drove somewhere. I didn't know where. I just drove. I didn't care where either. About an hour later, I stopped at a little coffee shop near the Verizon Center. I walked in not caring if anyone recognized me or not. Honestly I didn't care about anything in the world right now. I was a hot mess. I couldn't think straight. I just shut the world out. I was so out of it I didn't realize someone had sat in my booth and was talking to me.


"Hello? Is anyone in there?" a voice asked me.


I looked up slowly. A cute girl was sitting across from me.


"Excuse me?" I said.


"I said, Hi. I'm Dylan. What's your name?" the girl named Dylan asked me.


"Oh. Sorry. I'm Harry. Harry Styles." I said, out of it.


"You seem really out of it. I mean normally when I guy like you is sitting alone and a cute girl walks up and says hi normally that guy flirts and then they hook up and all." Dylan said, and I just stared at her. This girl had spunk.


"Well sorry I'm not living up to your expectations and yeah I'm out of it." I said, smiling a little.


"Well talk to me. I have nothing to do tonight or for the next week or so. I'm all ears." Dylan said, smirking at me.


"Are you sure you want to talk about my problems? Because you don't have to." I asked warily.


"Well have I ran away screaming yet?" Dylan replied smooothly.


"I guess not. Well first off, do you now who I am?" i asked her.


"Of course I do. Your Harry Styles of One Direction. SO?" Dylan said.


"Ok. Well then why didn't you say anything like OMG It's Harry styles! Or fangirl or whatever?" I asked her, confused.


"Well if I did would you be talking to me right now?" she said.


"I guess not."


"See what I mean?"




"SO continue."


"Well Mikayla the newest member-"


"I know who she is."


"Ok then. Well she left. She is heading back to London. SO she isn't part of our group anymore."


"ANd she was like everything to you and nopw you lost her without telling her how you feel."


"How did you know?" I asked her, sorta shocked.


"Well I've been through something like that." she replied.


"Oh. Well yeah. Except she and I were best friend swhen w ewere younger, then we lost contact, and now she shows up. Mikayla was everything to me and she didn't know at all. Now sh'es gone and out of my life forever." I said,fighting back the hot tears threatening to spill over.


I looked back up at Dylan, who was staring at me with a wierd expression. I had looked down at my hands when I started talking.


"She was perfect. I mean she was quirky and not ever wanting to grow up like Louis, sweet and loves food like Niall, sensitive and a great listener like Zayn, sensible and caring like Liam, and cheeky and flirty like me. Mikayla was the only thing our band needed, The only thing I needed to make my life complete. Now she's gone." I said, my voice fading.


"Harry, she left for a reason. All I know is that that's what she thought. She was leaving because she thought that was the right thing to do. That's what girls like her do. SHe did it for a reason. No matter what you think she thought it was a good idea. I know it must have hurt her too. HArry you just have to accept it. She'll be back. Any girl would be stupid not to come back to someone like you." Dylan said softly putting her hand on my arm.


She was right. Mik wouldn't have left for no reason.


"Thanks Dylan. You know I'm glad you sat down with me." I thanked her.


"You looked like you needed someone to talk to, So I decided to come and talk. Thanks for letting me to help you." Dylan said.


"Here. Call or text me." I said, after a quite bit of thought, I wrote down my number on a napkin and handed it to her.


""Thanks Harry." she said, and gave me a real smile.


"Just don't go giving it away." I said, returning her smile.


"I won't. I promise. Well I'll see you tomorrow. At your concert." she said and stood up.


"Ok. Well here why don't you come early and watch our soundchecks and then come backstage. It's the least I can do for what you did." I said.


"Ok! Well I'll be at this coffee shop at 5." Dylan said.


"Ok. Well I'll come and pick you up." I said, smiling.


"Bye HArry."


"Bye Dylan."


I sat back down and finished drinking my tea. It was an okay cup of tea. Nothing like the tea in England. Dylan was a sweet girl she seemed. Dylan had auburn hair and sparkling blue eyes. She had a scatter of freckles across her nose. Dylan had on a hoodie, a pair of jean shorts, and a pair of Uggs. SHe was a tiny girl but she looked like she was pretty strong.


"Excuse me but are you Harry Styles from One Direction?" a voice asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.


Great. A fan.


"Yeah. WHo are you?" I said, and looked up to see the waitress.


"I'm Peyton. Can I have an autograph ad a picture?" she said.


"Sure." I said and took a picture with her and signed a napkin for her.


"Thanks! My friends are not going to believe this!" she squealed.


"Your welcome. Now I have to go." I said.




"Bye." i waved to her and left the diner to get my Audi. I slid into the driver's seat and remembered that I left my phone on the table. I sighed and got back out to go grab it. It was lying on the table so I grabbed it and left quickly. I drove back to the hotel where we were staying and went back to the room after hiding my Audi behind the hotel. I opened up the door and was greeted with silence. The boys weren't even in the hotel. I guess they left to go somewhere. I was suddenly exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open, so I went to bed. I threw my phone onto my dresser and collapsed onto my bed.




I arrived in London about 8 hours later. I had cried my eyes out so I had nothing left to cry. My heart was broken and I caused it. I hailed a taxi cab and gave him the address to my new apartment. I sytarted work tomorrow at the station as the new anchor. I was not looking forward to it. When we got to the apartments, I paid the driver and got out with my suitcases.I was in the lofts up at the top of the building. Apparently a few famous people lived there too so I had taken the last one which was in betweeen two others. I had a ton of money so I could afford it. I opened the door to the loft and saw my new home for the first time. It was awesome. THe theme was basically silver, white, and black. THe loft had a living room with a couch, a few recliners, and a huge flat screen T.V. I walked back to the small hallway that led to a bathroom which had a shower,and a huge tub with the puling jet thingies. THere were two bedroooms. I took the Master bedroom and started unpacking my clothes, shoes, and other miscillaneous things I brought. I then pulled out my phone to send one last text to Harry.








I then sent it before I had any second thoughts and turned off my phone for a good measure. I leaned back on my pillow and fell  asleep in my clothes.


THe next morning I got up early and drove down to the station. I walked through and found the place in chaos. Everyone was running everywhere and nothing was organized. I sighed and then climbed up on a table and whistled really loud.


"HEY!!!" I screamed.


Everyone stopped and stared at me.


"Okay! I'm in charge here. SO everyone do your own job. I'm here now so I' taking over for my mother. We are on air in an hour. WE have alot of work to do. I need my script, make up and dressing room. Pronto." I said, my voice loud and confident.


Brittney ran forward and handed me my script and led me to the dressing room. Everyone else did thrre own job and I smiled.


"Welcome back Mikayla."Brittney said after putting on my make up.


"Thanks now, who are we interviewing today?" I asked her.


"Oh ummmm today you have Coldplay and THe Band Perry." Brittney told me.


"Thanks." I replied and got ready to go onstage.


I ran into someone on my way out of the dressing room.


"Oh 'm so sorry!" I said and helped the girl up. She was a small girl with redish brown hair and pale blue eyes.


"It's okay." the girl replied.


"you must be new. I'm Mikayla." I said and stuck out my hand.


"I'm Lilly Evans. Hey aren't you Mikayla Patterson the sixth member-"


"Of One Direction. I know. Not anymore. I had to quit to take overhere." I cut her off.


"Oh okay. Well I'm sorry for your loss." Lilly said.


"I'ts ok. Hey why don't you help me out today?" I asked her.


"Really? Great. Yeah I'd love too." Lilly said, excitedly.


"Awesome. SO tell me about yourself Lilly." I asked her.


"WEll my name is Lilly Evans I am 17 and am a huge fan of One DIrection. My favorite is Niall. I just moved here and am looking for a place to live." she said.


"Well Lilly, I just moved here too and I'm looking for a roommate. Wold you like to be mine?" I asked her after the idea popped in my head.


"Really?" she asked me.


I nodded and she squealed.


"Well than yes! I'd love to."


"Great. I'll take you to my place after the show."


"Mikayla! On in 5!" a voice yelled at me.


"Hey I gotta go. See you after the show." I called and ran off.


I did the show and interviewed The Band Perry and Coldplay. It was a blast. After the show, I found Lilly again and we headed off to my apartment.


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