Crashing into Harry(A One Direction fan fiction)

Mikayla Alexandra Patterson is the daughter of a popular news anchor. When she has to fill in for her mother for an interview, she has no idea she has the interview One Direction. Before all this, Mikayla meets Harry by crashing into him. She keeps crashing into him. Each time sparks fly. What happenes next? Especially since she starts to fall for Liam. And what if her new best friend starts to fall for her too? Then Mikayla's perfect world with One Direction crumbles down when she gets a call. Heartbreak, love, trustworthiness, saddness, and despair all play a huge factor in this compelling fan fiction about One Direction.


55. A Poke War and Licking Some Toast

Sunlight filtered through the curtains of the hotel room. My eyelids gradually fluttered open to reveal the wonderful and gorgeous body of Liam Payne. I grinned at that thought and closed my eyes again.


It's weird to think that even though I've lived with these guys, dated a couple of them, almost died with one of them, kissed a few of them, poured my secrets into them, and so much more that I still fan girl every time I see them. I mean you would think that I would get used to it but I haven't at all.


I opened my eyes again and took in my position. I was using Liam as a pillow and laying on my stomach. Liam's arms were wrapped around me and our legs were tangled together. Harry was not going to like this. I thought about getting up but decided not to. I was too comfortable to do anything right now. Instead I just looked up at Liam. My heart was broken for him. He didn't deserve to have his heart broken. He was just too good for that. Granted I did the same but not on purpose. I would never hurt Liam on purpose at all. He was just too sweet and adorable.


"Hello there Mik." Liam's voice broke me out of my thoughts. I jumped a bit and Liam laughed.


"Don't do that!" I exclaimed.


"Do what?" he asked innocently.


"Scare me like that!" I replied, smiling.


"Well it isn't my fault that you were spaced out and in your own world." Liam said and sat up. I was then forced to sit up also and I stretched. My mouth dropped open in a yawn. Liam poked my stomach making me curl up and I giggled. I then proceeded to poke him and he poked me back thus initiating a poke war.


"You know we probably might want to go get some breakfast before the guys think something's up." I commented after dodging Liam.


"You're right. Come on!" Liam said and started to walk to me.


I saw a glint in his eyes and ran out of the hotel room before he had the chance to poke me. Liam chased after me as I ran into the living room/front room of the suite. I launched myself over the couch and landed on someone.


"Ouch!" the person I landed on groaned.


"Sorry Zayn." I apologized. I landed right on Zayn who had been laying down on the couch.


"It's ok.You just jumped on me and then landed on my stomach. No worries." he replied wheezing slightly. I grinned and opened my mouth to speak when someone grabbed me from behind. I squealed and twisted to find Liam holding me hostage.


"Ok I thought this was a poke war not a take the girl hostage war." I protested.


"Nope this is just pay back." Liam said and then poked me and let me go.


"Thank you!" I said rubbing my sides. I walked into the kitchen and found Harry waiting for toast that was in the toaster.


"Good morning" I sang and Harry jumped. I laughed at his reaction.


"Well good morning to you too! How was your night?" Harry asked me, his smile fading.


"Fine. We watched the Toy Story's and then fell asleep. Then this morning he started a poke war and now almost killed me." I replied lightly.


The toast popped out of the toaster and I watched Harry take them out and butter them. Right when he was about to take a bite, I took it out of his hand and took a bite.


"Hey! That was mine!" Harry protested.


I stuck out my tongue and then licked the toast.


"Not anymore!" I said in a sing song voice.


Harry glared at me and took the toast out of my hand and ate it anyways. I stuck my tongue out at him like a five year old and walked away, pouting. I walked into the front room and sat down on the couch with my arms crossed. I turned to the T.V. which was on and it was an old rerun of Friends. I smiled, thinking about how I used to watch this show all the time with my mom and we would stay up late to watch marathons and eat popcorn. That was before she got her job. I missed her. A lot. Even though I hated her sometimes, I missed her. I wanted her with me now. I wish I could just call her up and talk for a bit. Now I can't do that. A hot tear fell down my cheek and landed on my hand. I lifted my hand up to wipe away the oncoming tears.


"Hey! You okay?" Niall's voice came from behind me.


I looked up to him and he was staring down at me in concern. I wiped my eyes again and stood up.


"Yeah. I'm fine." I replied, softly.


"No you aren't. You were just crying. What's wrong?" Niall replied, pulling me into a hug.


"My mom. I miss her a lot. But there's nothing I can do about it because she's gone. All I can ever think about is how the last time I saw her was when I kicked her out of her own house yelling that I was going to do what I wanted and not what she wanted. Niall I want her back." I started quietly but then ended up in a sob.


"Mik everything's going to be okay. Your mom loved you. She did." Niall said soothingly.


"How do you know she loved me Ni? She despised me. She told me that I wasn't her daughter once. She said that I was everything that she didn't want me to be." I sobbed.


"Mikayla Alexandra Patterson. Look at me." Niall said, with force.


I did so and he was looking at me intently. He put his hand underneath my chin to bring my face up.


"She loved you because there is no possible way for anyone to hate you. Trust me. No one could never hate you no matter how hard they tried. If there is one person who does then you have eight other people to replace them. No matter what happens, me, Lilly, Harry, Liam, Louis, Kylie, Kayla, and Zayn will always have your back and love you. Just keep thinking that Mik. Now come on I think you have a date with Liam?" Niall said fiercely. He pulled me to my room and threw clothes at me.


"Thanks Niall. I needed that." I said, catching the clothes and sniffling.


"No problem." he replied with a smile.


"Really?" I said when I looked down to see his clothing choice. He had picked out a pair of red cut off shorts and my Kiss Me I'm Irish t shirt along with my white Vans.


"Yup! Gotta represent our Irish people!" he said and then left the room so I could get changed. I also pulled out a bikini and slid that on. Then the clothes and I ran into the bathroom to do my hair.


"LIAM!" I yelled, skipping out of the bathroom and grabbing my beach bag that had been packed already.


"WHAT?" he yelled back from somewhere.


"YOU READY?" I yelled while following the sound of his voice.


"YEP! ARE YOU?" he yelled and I pinpointed his location. Liam was in the kitchen. I walked in there and found him eating an apple and Harry eating his toast.


"FOUND YOU!" I yelled and then laughed.


"Well hi there!" Liam replied, throwing away his apple core.


"Let's go!" I said and held out my arm. Liam took it and we looped arms.


"Oh hold on! Go on down. I have to do something." I told Liam and he nodded and walked off.


"Hey Harry!" I said and he waved at me.Harry didn't look at me and I got the feeling he was feeling left out or down.


"Hazza what's wrong?"  I asked him.


"Nothi-", he started to say then saw my face.


"I just think that you are spending more time with the other guys then with me." Harry said quietly, not looking at me.


"Is my Harry jealous?" I teased and smiled when Harry blushed.


"Harry I spend time with them because they're my friends. Liam is going through a tough time right now and I'm helping him through it. Nothing is happening between us. My heart belongs to you and only you Harry. Now I've got to get going before we get mobbed down at the beach. I'll be back later for lunch. Maybe we can go, just the two of us?" I asked, speaking softly.


"I'd like that." he replied.


"Good. Now you go do whatever and I'll be back." I said, and started walking away when Harry caught up with me.


"I think you are forgetting something." Harry said, smiling.


"Like what?" I replied, looking into his eyes.


"Hmm I don't know this?" he said and pressed his lips to mine. I melted at his touch and smiled through the kiss.


"Hmm I don't know how I could've forgotten something like that." I said and then pecked his lips once more.


"Goodbye Harry! See you in a bit." I called on my way out the door.


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